10/26/2018, ELMWOOD AO – The Woodshed

PAX:  Big One, The Plague, Tater Tot, Low Man, Ponzi, Folsom, No Doze, Selleck

Q: The Plague

Welcomed 8 PAX to a close gloom at the Woodshed. Upon reminding all they were not professionals they produced a wienke of 10-1’s and Snakes on the Plane.


The PAX moseyed to the pitch-black snake pit for warm-a-rama. Tater Tot carried The Plagues less than high quality speaker to the snake pit where a Girl Group station was selected on the boombox to motivate the PAX.

  • SSH 20 IC
  • Imperial Walkers 15 IC
  • Pickle Pushers 15 IC
  • Arm Circles 10 IC (both directions)

Black Snake Indian Run

PAX got into a line and performed the Black Snake Indian run where the PAX at the snake’s rattle drops for a burpee then zig-zags between the other PAX making their way to the front of the line.

Snake Bear Crawl

PAX settled into the local field and formed a head-to-toe line. The PAX at the snake’s rattle bear crawled to the front of the line while the resting PAX performed Merkins. Request from PAX to continue this routine but The Plague reminded that this was still the warm-up.


PAX circled up to perform 10-1’s. Starting with diamond merkins

  • 10 diamond merkins, wait in high plank for all PAX to finish
  • 9 diamond merkins, same waiting
  • 8 diamond merkins, same waiting
  • 7 diamond merkins, same waiting
  • 6 diamond merkins, hearing a lot of grunting
  • 5 diamond merkins, same waiting
  • 4 diamond merkins, same waiting
  • 3 diamond merkins, same waiting
  • 2 diamond merkins, same waiting
  • 1 diamond merkin, recover
  • Hence “10 to 1” – pretty simple, but difficult


10 to 1 Monkey Humpers with Al Gore rest position. The gold star for form went to the Big One who helped motivate the other PAX to give it their all. Stopped at 5 and switched to air squats (Big One requested to continue Monkey Humpers but was denied.


5 to 1 Air squats with Al Gore rest position


10 to 1 with LBCs with 6” leg raise rest position


6 MOM:

  • Sweat Angels 15 IC
  • Gas Pumps 15 IC
  • James Bond – most of the PAX aimed at The Plague as he directed the aim of their pistols

Circle of Trust:

  • F3 Q Source Q4.5 – Failure  
    • The Plague reminded PAX about the value of failure.
      • Leaders are purified through the burning away of the me-first self-regarding nature through failure
      • Without failure leaders retain too much of who they were and keep doing what they did rather than being fully transformed
      • Failure works best when it stings the most
    • Coffeteria will be held at Starbucks following the beatdown. Meet there for fellowship and pontification

Boys Town – Oracle 0700 with Selleck and Lowman on the Co-Q

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