F3 Workout AO: @F3CornHuskHcap
Records were set when 19 HIM met up in the gloom at the Handicap. This was the largest PAX both for this AO and any of the weekday Omaha AO’s!
PAX: Daniel Son, Wait Time, Waffle House, Picabo, No-Doze, Big One, Low Man, Folsom, Pablo, Walk On, Ponzi, Selleck, Mayhem, The Plague, Hootenanny, Biggie Smalls, Borland, Tater Tot,  
Q: Brazilian 
SSH x 15 IC
Cherry Pickers x15 IC
Tappy Taps x 15 IC 
Don Quixote x15 IC
Lunges x 10 each leg OYO
Merkins x10 IC
Steve Earle X 15 IC – Hands behind your head. In four-count cadence, perform Copperhead Squat with a Hillbilly thrown in on the 4th count of the cadence.
We mosey-ed to the gazebo for 6 rounds of pull ups. The PAX partnered up completing 3 rounds each, switching off every 20 seconds. The partners held al gore or assisted with the pull-ups.  
Sluggers – performed with partner 
20 Diamond Merkinsrun one lap
20 Merkins
rune one lap
20 Carolina Dry Docks
run one lap
plank party with some mountain climbers mixed in
Scout run around the block back to the playground.
Two rounds of modified ATMs
10 Fast merkins
16 shoulder taps
10 tempo merkins
No-Doze lead some emergency (red bull-free) smurf jacks 
Reverse Crunch
American Hammer – Brazilian randomly called out Tater Tot to take it out with some hammers. To the PAX’s surprise it was Tater Tot’s 38 birthday. 38 hammers later the mumble chatter was thick. 
Announcements: Parade of Flags—Waffle House is partnering F3Omaha and Omaha Optimist 
Club to honor veterans the morning of 11/11.  He needs 5-10 guys to post flags in Sunny Slope neighborhood (108th between Maple & Fort). 
T-Claps to Waffle house for earning his VQ this coming Fridayout in Denver!
Brazilian closed it down by reading an excerpt from a realvision.com interview that discussed a lot about what it means to be a HIM. It was an interview of Joe Duran a hedge fund manager who currently manages over 24 billion dollars: 
“Interviewer: One of the things you’ve lived your life by is this saying, what if I’m wrong? 
JD: Yeah… You know, it’s interesting, humility is something– I study a lot of philosophy and I read a lot, and humility is– we all have it, you know, it’s just whether we display it or not. We’re in an environment where, for many people, you look weak if you are vulnerable. And I’ve, in fact, I found it to be the exact opposite, that authenticity far, far trumps strength, that authenticity and truly understanding yourself is incredibly compelling to anyone. And being honest about who you are, even if what that is is not that appealing to people. You look at our president as an example. Regardless of your opinion of him, he’s the real deal. And that draws a lot of people who see that I might not like some of what I see, but I appreciate that it’s authentic.
Very few people understand the reason our politicians are, in general, so unpopular is how little authenticity there is. They might all say the right thing, but nobody believes that they believe it.
And so that is the one truth that I have found for myself. And questioning yourself, the humility you have, that person that you are at three in the morning when you wake up with sweaty palms, or when you’re tossing and turning about something your spouse said or something financial that’s concerning you, that person is also a part of your waking life.
We can pretend they don’t exist, all the insecurities and doubts and questions, but that person needs to be stared at, because that person, if you don’t come to comfort with who you are when you’re weak, and the things that you’re afraid of, those are the demons that are going to come and eat you alive.
They are what’s going to cause you to have a failed marriage. They’re going to be what causes you to make bad financial decisions. Which is why that question of what if I’m wrong is a question you always have to ask yourself, because if you don’t know your weaknesses, if you don’t know where the worst part of you comes out, the world will ensure that you get to places where that person is going to come out and bring out the very worst in you.”
T-Claps to Tater Tot for the donuts and coffee. Ponzi’s skinny ass even ate some of the fried bread. 



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