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Q: Da Fridge

The PAX gathered by the flags on the west side of Copperfield Park in the parking lot. Went through the five core principles, the disclaimer, mission statement and the purpose of F3. The PAX was told about the celebration of Da Fridge’s birthday being the theme of the workout.

The Thang (Birthday Beatdown)

The “Birthday Beatdown” consisted of 32 exercises, starting with one rep and going all the way to 32 reps. The PAX started with a one-mile run, followed by two burpees, three squat jumps and etc. 

The last exercise was 32 American Hammers. Following the 32nd rep, Omaha was called.


Pre-run challenge t-shirts can be picked up at the halfway house event later this month.

Numerous second F opportunities were available throughout the weekend. Check Slack for details.

The Maize and Labyrinth are collecting cereal boxes. March 23rd is the last day to bring cereal to either AO.

Feedback was requested about the pre-run and pre-ruck Q Source before Maize beatdowns.


Obi-Wan’s father-in-law Tom for his recent health battle and struggles.

Spring Break’s M and her health issues

Safety during St. Patrick’s Day.


This past Sunday I celebrated my 32nd birthday. Before Sunday, I got a special present on Saturday, I stepped on the scale and saw that I had lost 60 pounds since starting F3 in October. 

There have been a lot of changes in my life since October and the weight lost represents more than just the pounds I dropped.

The lost weight included a boss that sucked the love and joy out of a job, who demanded more and more and did not care about work life balance and didn’t even have the decency or respect to make sure there was enough money in the bank account so I could cash my check. So the lost weight also represents the loss of that boss.

The loss also included the loss of the stress and anxiety of starting a new job and new career that I had never done before. As a medical staffing recruiter, a career I did not know existed until a few years ago, I have grown more comfortable and confident with my new career and have lost that anxiety and stress.

The one thing the lost weight does not represent is the weight of failure that I still carry every month when my wife and I find out we are not pregnant. I will continue to bear that weight until it is replaced by the weight of my child in my arms. 

I had a few messages I wanted to tell the PAX but one of them was not that they can do it or to believe in themselves that they can lose whatever weight is weighing them down because they have been told they can do that and they know they can do it.

The one thing I wanted to tell the group was losing whatever weight (whether that is pounds, stress, family and friend problems etc.) it is, it is hard to lose. Think about what I had to do to lose weight. I wake up before 5 a.m. five to six times a week to come workout, heck at least twice a week I am up at 4L15 a.m. to go run three miles. Then Instead of taking lunch at work, I workout again. We have this beautiful gym at my office but I never use it because I am out running outside. I hate running but I know that’s my best and fastest way to lose weight. Now I have this crazy idea that I want to run a half marathon.

The one thing is, no matter how hard it is to lose whatever weight that is holding us down, it is so totally worth it. No matter how much or how little you lose, be proud of the work you put in to lose that weight.

Lastly I reminded the group that when that weight is bearing down on you, lean on your brothers. The best thing about F3 is that you have so many great men to help support you. There are many guys that I have needed to help me carry my weight of failure. Whether it is for five minutes or 30 minutes, helping carry that weight is priceless. 

Thank you to everyone that came out for the beatdown and supported me. I can never thank those HIMs enough.

As always, keep the faith and keep the hope.

AYE – Da Fridge

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