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QIC: Wait Time

YHC welcomed the PAX to The Iditarod. It was a warm, sunny morning. After sharing the mission statement, five principles and disclaimer (including “for next 45 min I am not your friend”), the PAX moseyed to the back of the school for Warm-A-Rama.

SSH x 12 IC | Inch Worm to Plank | Shoulder Taps x 10 IC | Half Pigeon | Merkins x 10 | Half Pigeon | Back Plank and Shoulder Stretch | Inch Worm | Monkey Humpers x 10 IC | Garland Pose


PAX moseyed to the west side of campus for the Pre-Thang:

Plank x 30 | Chilcutt x 30 | Merkins x 10 | Amazing Spider Man x 10 IC | Merkins x 10 | Plank x 30 | Chilcutt x 30 | Merkins x 10 | Amazing Spider Man x 10 IC | Merkins x 10


PAX divided into groups of three for the Thang. YHC instructed the PAX on the three-man grinder between the track and the wall to the gymnasium. At the top of the hill near the track, the PAX completed these exercises (AMRAP):
Heels to Heaven | Hydraulic Squat | Turkish Get-ups | LBCs | Bonnie Blairs | Groiners

At the wall of the gymnasium, the PAX completed the following wall exercises (AMRAP):
Balls to the Wall | People’s Chair | Donkey Kicks | Australian Mountain Climbers | Chicken Peckers | Dirty Hook-up

PAX completed one-and-half rounds of exercises before “Omaha!” was called for Mary.


Big Boy Sit-up x 1 | American Hammer x 4 IC | Big Boy Sit-up x 2 | American Hammer x 8 IC | Big Boy Sit-up x 3 | American Hammer x 12 IC | Big Boy Sit-up x 4 | American Hammer x 16 IC | Big Boy Sit-up x 5 | American Hammer x 20 IC | Big Boy Sit-up x 6 | American Hammer x 24 IC

Roll Bar Meal Plan. Golden Pike organizing and meal prep plan for Roll Bar and his family. There are still July dates available to sign up for a meal delivery to Roll Bar’s family.
Room Service/Pete I-Pad. Skipper organized a fund raiser to purchase an iPAD for Pete Steffensmeier. We need to raise at least $500 for the iPAD. Additional funds will be given to the family.
Heartland Hope Volunteers June 24. See Vandelay about interviewing for Heartland Hope’s block party on June 24.

Prayers: Roll Bar’s family and baby Dax, Room Service, Pete and family.


This week, I was reflecting on my life and the weird symbolism of my nickname. Eight years ago, I was named “Wait Time” in Greensboro. The Q who named me was named “Butt Fumble.” Names can obviously be worse than “Wait Time.” I always tell people that I became Wait Time because I did my job poorly. I introduced myself by saying that I work at the hospital, and my job is to improve the service in places like the emergency department. The PAX scoffed and said, “Emergency Department? Service? Your name is ‘Wait Time.'”

Recently, it seems like my name is an ironic reminder of my life. In a recent COT, I described my life as living “in the space between.” I am between professional roles. I am between relationships after going through a divorce. Wait Time seems to be a reminder to me that I must embrace patience. I am not a patient person. I don’t easily accept when I am not in control. This season in life is teaching me about how little I control in my life.

There is plenty of wait time in my life. I love my F3 name, but I don’t really love waiting for anything. I am grateful for F3. It is a very reliable part of my life. I know that the PAX are always going to meet me in the gloom. It is a high point of my day. Thank you for being reliably being there in my life.

Lincoln Log closed us with a prayer.

Grace & Peace,

Wait Time

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