20 Pax: Biff, Penny Marshall, Vanilla Ice, Black Lung, Sister Act, Super Tasty, Grillz, Bubbles, DaVinci (Respect, Respect), Tin Cup (Respect), Foley (Respect), Smash Mouth, Samples (Respect), Swinger, Folsom, Line Dance, Tenderfoot, Splinter (Cell), Tom Tom, Pony Express.

Q (5:30 AM)—Pony Express
Pony Express welcomed the PAX to The Battlefield. Pony Express rehearsed the F3 mission and 5 Core Principles.

Side, Straddle, Hop – ICx15
Sun Gods – 15 forward & 15 reverse IC
Merkins- x15
Mountain Climbers – ICx15
Alternating Shoulder Taps ICx15

Mosey to Beatdown

The Thang (5:45 AM)
The Pax split up into teams of 2. 1 team member would run to the top of a hill and bear crawl back down while the other team member worked toward a cumulative total of exercises. When relieved the teammate would start where the other left off:

Burpees – 50
Bobby Hurley’s – 100
Carolina Dry Docks – 150
Lunges – 200
LBCs – 250
Squats – 300
Rinse & repeat

Omaha was called @ 6:05 AM

TAPS: Pony Expresses brother, Swinger’s client

COT — Authenticity:

Pony Express recycled the first workout he used in his VQ. He shared how the night before his VQ he memorized his COT in hopes of being impactful. Over time Pony Express realized that this group is about being vulnerable and not providing grandiose speeches in hopes of reaching the PAX. A reminder to the group to not take what we have for granted. DaVinci closed us out with prayer.

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