AO: The Horsetrack at Stinson Park | November 29, 2018 | 35 degrees | Cloudy

PAX: Cyclone (Respect!), Bubba Gump (Respect!), Waffle House (Respect!), Selleck, and Wait Time.

QIC: Wait Time

Wait Time welcomed the PAX with the F3 mission statement and disclaimer.  He encouraged the PAX to unpack their heavy armor, and focus on the weights that we will use in our workout and not on the armor we wear for self-protection.

The PAX moseyed to the stage for Warm-a-rama.


Shoulder Taps | Crab Cakes (shout out to Bubba Gump) | Spider Man | Cherry Pickers | Sun Gods | String Rippers

The PAX moseyed to the east end of the AO for the THANG.  Wait Time wanted to take credit for the white event tent that was set up in the park that was used for the THANG.  The PAX didn’t totally buy it, and Cyclone said if Wait Time got the tent he should have got a heater too!

THANG: Tabata Tunes

Wait Time cued the music for a TABATA workout that included weights and cinder block coupons.  Wait Time used the “Seconds” app for timing the Tabata routine.  Each exercise was done for 45 seconds with an eight second rest between each exercise.

Uneven Merkins with coupon | Copperhead Squat |Weighted Gas Pumps | Run the circle | Dips w/ Coupon |Kettle Bell Swing | Lunge with Twist | American Weighted Hammer | Curls | Run the circle | 10 Pull-ups | Tricep Extension | Block Derkins | Johnny Dramas | Big Boy Sit up w/ weight | Run the Circle | Curls | Uneven Merkins w/ coupon


Dying Cockroach | ABCs | Ankle Touches | American Hammer


Cyclone VQ.  Next week, Cyclone with Q the Horse Track.  Come out and support his VQ!

O-Rag: Selleck shared that the November O-Rag issue will be a combined November/December Edition.

Third F.  Selleck is exploring Third F options that would allow the PAX to serve as a group.  Most service opportunities are smaller in scope so if you have an idea that would accommodate our large group, please share with Selleck.


Wait Time read an excerpt from Brene Brown’s book, “Dare to Lead.”  Leaders must create and hold places that rise to a higher standard of behavior than what we experience in the news, on TV and in the streets.  What can we do?  Create a space where all men can walk in, and for that hour, take off the crushing weight of their armor, hang it on a rack and open their heart to be truly seen.

Never underestimate the benefit to a man of having a place to belong – even one- where they can take off their armor.  It can and often does change the trajectory of their life.

Wait Time expressed gratitude to the PAX for the sense of belonging that he has with F3Omaha.  That sense of belonging has changed how he sees the world, what is important to him and where he wishes to live.  The sense of belonging has changed his life.

With that – the PAX moved to Dudley’s Pizza for some 12 ounce curls and pizza!

Grace and Peace,

Wait Time

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