3/14/2019. The Futurama AO | Memorial Park

PAX:19 – Room Service, The Big One, The Plague, Slow Roast, Ponzi, Wait Time, No Doze, Khakis (Respect), Folsom, Bubbles (Hate), Point Break, Lowman, Truss, Honey Stinger, Crab Cakes, Ethanol, Tonight Show, FDIC, Selleck

QIC: No Doze

Weather: 40. Rainy. 15-20 mph gusts at the top of the hill. Per usual, perfect weather for a No Doze Q and the launch of a new AO.

At 4:55 YHC confirmed that roughly 55 inches of snow had melted off the AO in the past 48 hours. Joined the Plague for a pre-run right after we planted the shovel flags southwest of the Peace Memorial. Pro-tip: shovel flags are the Q’s responsibility. See below. Cut off the pre-run early to greet the Pax while Plague completed all 5Ks.

Mission statement and disclaimer were given.

PAX moseyed down the steps to the lower esplanade (?) and circled up for Warm-o-Rama:

-SSH -25 IC

-String Rippers aka Tappy Taps – 15IC

-Moroccan nightclub – 19IC (lost count)

-Red Bull Smurf Jacks -20IC

The PAX stayed in the circle of pain for a 8 minutes of Global Warming: Stride to the right until Q signals, drop for 20 merkins, slide to the left, 5 burpees, slide to the right, 10 mountain climbers IC. Pax completed two cycles and then made three (3) trips up the stairs before moving on to The THANG:

The Cooper: 1 lap around the circle drive = approx. .20 miles. Complete 10 burpees, 10 Merkins, then 10 Squats. Lap around drive. Then 9,9,9 of same. Goal is to count down to 1 and go fast. YHC called Omaha after completing 4/each and completing final lap. Pax seemed sufficiently gassed and apparently thought MoM was forthcoming. YHC directed the Pax to circle up around the flagpole for some EMOM.

EMOM: Pax completed 5 dips, 5 merkins, 5 squats, 5 burpees. Rest for remainder of minute (approx. 15-20 secs). Pax completed 4 minutes of EMOM when YHC gave everyone the big piece of Pi – a final round of 25 dips, 25 merkins, 25 squats, and 25 burpees. Mumblechatter was in abundance. According to Ponzi, the beatdown was “EH’g for the Maize.” No time for Mary.



-Announcements: TAPs for those dealing with flooding and water damage, including Peaches. Reach out and lend a hand however you can.

-Wild Kingdom starts next Tuesday at Zorinsky. Tclaps to Tonight Show for taking the lead as Site Q.

-Ethanol renewed the request for Pax to step up and Q. The Maize (and all AOs) have openings. Reach out to Site Q’s (Folsom, Brazilian, Lowman, Tonight Show, Ethanol, Big One, Plague, No Doze, Placebo) if you are interested. A core principle of F3 is that workouts are peer-led in rotating fashion. Get yourself in the rotation.

– March 14 (3.14) is Pi day, thus the COP and beatdown around the circle drive. Pi (π) is the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter. Pi is infinite. We are not. We have only one life, one body, so make whatever future you have a more positive one.

-Provided brief history of Memorial Park and the naming of the AO. The WWII memorial was dedicated by Pres. Truman in 1948, on the 4th Anniversary of the Normandy landing (D-Day). The names of over 900 Douglas County Soldiers that died in WWII are on plaques decorating the colonnade. The names of all DC citizens that served in WWII are sealed within the columns. The Vietnam/Korean Memorial is a peace memorial, and while it appears that soldier is pointing to South O, he’s actually pointing toward the future.

The image of a man pointing toward the future is appropriate for F3. Our goals include constant acceleration, getting right, and getting better each day. If you come out to Futurama, or to any of our AO’s, even once a week, you will get better, and your future will be a healthier one a week/month/year from now. Your relationships will be better a week/month/year from now. You will be, overall, a better man and a better leader a week/month year from now.

-Closed with prayer.

Coffeteria followed at Crane (77th & Cass). They were overjoyed to see so many early morning customers. YHC left the shovel flags behind. Tclaps to Wait Time and Ethanol for covering my six.

Aye! -No-Doze

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