March 13, 2019//Stinson Park//AO- Heavy Metal//43 degrees with fog, a.k.a. cold pea soup//
Pax: Brazilian, Wait Time, Walk On, Waffle House (Respect!) (What’s up with all the W’s?) Cyclone (Respect!), Picabo, Folsom (7, a record high!)
Q: Folsom
The mission statement and the disclaimer were made. Picabo unloaded the heavy metal out of Folsom’s trunk while Folsom placed the hoop and took a few practice shots (they didn’t help). The PAX circled up for Warm O’Rama.
Warm O’ Rama
Side Straddle Hops ICx20
Seal Claps ICx15
Finkle Swings ICx15 (alternating high kicks)
LL Cool J ICx7 (lounge each leg, burpee, jump squat)
The Thang: MARCH Madness
This was a brand new idea Folsom cooked up over the weekend where shooting 3 free throws on a Little Tikes basketball hoop would reduce the number of reps of each exercise down by 5’s from 30 (only 20 for H exercises). Then Folsom stumbled upon the Oracle Backblast from last Saturday and learned Saul must be connected to those dudes from Inception because he stole Folsom’s idea before he could put it into practice! No honor among attorneys either apparently. Folsom laid out 5 sheets of exercises, listed below. The PAX circled around the hoop and Picabo took aim. The first five PAX shot for only one exercise, but then Folsom, like all good coaches, made a halftime adjustment and from then on 3 shots were taken to come with a number for all five exercises that spell out M-A-R-C-H. For instance: Folsom made 1 of 3 shots, so the PAX executed 25 each of Chuck Norris Merkins, Arnold Curls in cadence, ¼ Bent Over Rows, Weighted Sit Ups, and 15 Jump Tucks on your own. The PAX got through 5 rounds, saving the Kick Backs for another day! There were definitely groans with every missed shot.
M is for Merkins //A is for Arms
Merkins //Hammer Curls
Werkins //Over Head Press
Chuck Norris Merkins //Arnold Curls IC
Hand Release Merkins //Skull Crushers
Modern Curls
Kick Backs IC
R is for Rows //C is for Core
Up Right Rows //Weighted Scissors IC
Bent Over Rows //Makhtar N’Diayes IC
¼ Rows // Weighted Sit Ups
Shruggs //Weighted American Hammers IC
H is for Hate
Red Bull Smurf Jacks
Jump Tucks
COT: March Madness is one of my favorite times of year. I lived and breathed basketball from about 12 years old through college. As a 6’1” 7th grader, I dreamed of playing college basketball. I spent my summers in the gym and my falls, winters, and springs too. I only grew another 2 inches and never got any quicker so I walked on at a division III school. I played on the JV squad and due to some injuries I got to play a lot my freshman year. I even played 38 of 40 minutes one game and managed to score over 20 points. My sophomore year we got some good recruits and playing time slowly dwindled. I “retired” at the end of that season. I put in a lot of time trying to achieve my dream. I was the first to practice and the last to leave a lot of days, but I couldn’t get over that hump. Hard work only makes up for so much lack of God given abilities. Since then, I have had the privilege of coaching a lot of young basketball players over the years and I always tell them, “Basketball is life.” If you have a dream, chase it! Put in the work, do everything you can to achieve your goal. You may not achieve your dream, and that’s ok, you will learn a valuable lesson along the way: Hard work does pay off. And you never know where chasing your dream may lead you. I picked a college simply on my belief that I could play basketball there and I ended up meeting a professor who talked me into going to law school. Now, here I sit, a 17 year veteran prosecutor who loves his job. Aye- Folsom

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