April 28 Fun Dip at The Farm on Friday: AKA – MAGNUM PI BEATDOWN

5:15 am Opening

5 core principles, Mission statement, Credo

5:18 am Warm-O-Rama

10 Moroccan Night clubs, 10 Big Ones, 10 Side straddle hops. 

5:25 am The Pre-Thing 

“String of Pearls” up Main street and around the block stopping about every couple blocks to perform and exercise. (FOR THE DURATION OF THE MAGNUM P.I. theme song.)

1st Stop: 1 min Merkins AMRAP

2nd Stop: 1 min Monkey Humpers AMRAP

3rd Stop: 1 min Carolina Dry docks

4th Stop: 1 min Bonny Blars

5:40 am The Thing 

Team work exercise: Operation Rescue (GROUP A and GROUP B)

Hard……………Tough……………..Difficult (Each group will have a member pick from the choices)  We will run 10 mins through this group exercise.

HARD: 1) Sprint up the Hill — complete 3 Kraken burpees — Run back down the hill

TOUGH: 1) Buddy Carry someone up the hill — Both complete 5 Kraken burpees IC — Run back down the hill

DIFFICULT: 1) Bear Crawl sprint up the hill — complete 6 Kraken burpees — Side skip down the hill

Group members are AMRAPing: Cherry Pickers, Penguin claps, Overhead claps, Chinooks, Moroccan Night clubs, 

OMAHA 5:50 am: 

MARY: 1 min of Abs for a 5 min:  LBC, Heel Touches, heels to heaven, X Factors, end with Sarpy Slammers

COT:  AMRAP – As Main Reps as Possible – When you are with your family get those reps, When you are at work get those reps, When you are with Prayer get those reps.

-Time wasters: Scrolling endlessly through social media, Getting mad about something that happened yesterday, and the uncontrollables.

Beatdown PAC’s: Mortar, Nae Nae, Arm Bar, Echo, Prefontaine, Trench, Black Tuesday, OG Kickstand, Huhot, Ear Tag, Boss Hogg, Woodhead, Fun Dip

FNGs: 0



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