Site: Block Party

Site Q: Fine Print

Conditions: 41 degrees, Calm

Q: Lite-Brite

PAX: 8 PAX. Bobsled, Kryptonite, Kickstand, Butta, Hard Hat, Griswold, Lil House, Lite-Brite

FNG: None






5 Core Principles 


-Open to all men

-Always held outdoors

-Lead in a rotating fashion

-Ends with a COT

F3 Mission Statement 

-Plant, Grow and Serve small workout groups for the invigoration of all male community leadership


-I am not a professional, modify as necessary 

Mosey to the bball court with coupons


Sun Gods Forward (x15 IC)

Sun Gods Reverse (x15 IC)

Raise The Roofs (x15)

Cherry Pickers (x15 IC)

Moroccan Night Clubs (x15 IC)

Merkins (x15)

Tappy Taps (x15 IC)

Big One’s (x10)

Runner Stretch R (10 Count)

Drop Back Knee (10 Count)

Fold over front knee (10 Count)

Runner Stretch L (10 Count)

Drop Back Knee (10 Count)

Fold over front knee (10 Count)

Air Squat (x30)


Count off into groups of 3

Group #1 (Push Group)

Starts at Station #1 and farmer carries to Station #2 to push group #3

Group #3 in turn pushes Station #1 (Rifle carry/ Farmers carry coupons)

So on and so forth alternating back and forth

Station #1 Upper Body (AMRAP)

Round 1 – Coupon Curls

Round 2 – Coupon Overhead Press

Round 3 – Offset Right Coupon Merkins

Round 4 – Offset Left Coupon Merkins

Round 5 – Bent over Coupon Rows

Round 6 – Upright Coupon Rows

Station #2 Lower Body (AMRAP)

Round 1 – Coupon Swings

Round 2 – Coupon Sumo Squats

Round 3 – Coupon Alternating Lunges

Round 4 – Coupon Deadlift

Round 5 – Calf Raises w/ Coupon

Round 6 – Squat Press w/ Coupon 



-10 IC Imperial Walker Squats

-Rancid Style Hammers



  • Swipers family
  • Kryptonite coworkers
  • ICB’s Aunt
  • Unicycles Grandma
  • Bobsled Flag Pass Brickyard


  • 2.0 at Dragons Lair
  • 1st Friday Lunch
  • 5 year anniversary April 23rd
  • New site at Russell, May 18th

CoT: Family

I discussed missing out of a lot of family events in the past 20 years after graduating high school. My dad was the high school football coach in my home town and is having our high school football field named after him. It brought up a lot of emotions which inspired me to remind the PAX to reach out to those family members available to them and touch base.


-LB 💡

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Our mission is to plant, grow and serve small (free) workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.


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