Weather: 45 and calm unlike the previous Thursday

Pax: Tenderfoot, Clark Kent, Rosetta, Canadian Bacon, Paddles, Black Lung, Beeps, Dome, Smores, Swinger

Q: Gunner

In the spirit of Day 1 of the Draft, I opened up the morning and shared with the Pax how I traded Battlefield Qs with Butta and how lucky I was with the swap. Thanks Butta! No one was amused but its 0530 and just 45 degrees, so no one is too spry, except Black Lung.  But still, the F3 Mission statement, 5 Core principles and credos were shared as we head through the gate and to the stadium.


100 yards


Yoga Toe Taps

Mosey of 100 m

Leg Ups-one leg

Uphill run

Mosey of 100m

Blood-Clot Squat-Catcher Squats

Blood-Clot Squat-Morrocan Night Club

Pre-Thang was in the bleachers

Hop up 15 rows of bleacher stairs and Bleacher down by Merkin “Walk” or Crab Walk- 2 sets

The Thang

Was on the football field-It was a 50 yard snake course. Run the width sideline to sideline and side shuffle 10 yards. The course was a snake route to every 10 yards. After the 50 run to the end zone for these exercises

  • 20 Diamond Merkins
  • 20 IC Flutter Kicks
  • 20 Werkins
  • 20 IC Low Dollies

We did round 2 with a back pedal.

At 5:55 am we did 4X 100 yard sprints


Capt. Thors – 5 sets

Announcements : Brick Builder in June

Prayers :for friends and family that are not well at this time

COT: Being that it was Draft Day for football, I shared how I took and failed the Wonderlic Test that prospects take.  When they do poorly on the test it gets grossly scrutinized, which isn’t good.  Be aware and don’t judge anyone.  None of us are perfect.

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