The Danger Zone 4/26/23
5:15 A.M. The Danger Zone

35 PAX: Chernobyl, G String, Knobs, Levy, Rooney, Animal House, Feeney, Tenacious D, Echo, Uncle Jesse, Farva, Amadaeous, Buster, Mr. Hanky, Mortar, Icy Hot, Skidz, Irish car bomb, Strangle hold, Ditty, Beans, Duracell, Black Tursday, Sun dance, switch foot, Girl Dad, Ear tag, Tony Tiger, Fire walker, pork chop, Q tip, Boss Hog, Lady bug, Ray ban and Dozer

QIC: Dozer

4:45 AM 10 or so pre-ran

5:15 AM
Dozer welcomed the packs to F3, reminding them of the F3 mission plant, grow and serve small work out groups of men for the invigoration of male community leadership.
Dozer, then recited the five core principles of the F3 (1) free of charge (2) open to all men, (3) held outdoors (4) peer lead in a rotating fashion, and (5) ends with a circle of trust.
Dozer then informed the group that he is not a professional, and to modify as necessary I recited the credo “leave no man behind, but leave no man where you found them”.

15 side straddle hops, 10 sun gods forward then 10 reverse, 10 Tappy taps, 10 big ones each side.

First and 10 – everyone start at the south goal line, start by running 10 yards and do 10 Merkins then run to the other goal line and back to the 20 yard line for 10 more Merkins repeat until you get to the opposite goal line.

Pax numbered off into groups of 4 and split up into their group. On North end zone was 4 excercise station all of then the same. Pax performed two exercises then ran to the south end zone where they spun the wheel-o-health. After performing the wheel-o-health exercise they ran back to the North end zone and performed the next exercise. That continued until I called Omaha at 5:47 AM.

Station went as follow:
20x LBC
20x frozen Freddie’s in cadence

Run to opposite end zone to spin the wheel 15x Air squats
15x monkey jumpers
Run to opposite end zone to spin the wheel 15x dry docks
15x mountain climbers
Run to opposite end zone to spin the wheel rinse and repeat.
Groups rinsed and repeated 3 to 4 times.

Duracell told me awhile ago that we need a Dozer exercise. So I came up with Dozer slammers. Which is a Sarpy Slammer with a 45# plate.

Dozer Slammer, 35 IC

Name-O-Rama occurred immediately after.

Queens start Thursday Second F baseball UNO June 2nd Brick Builder
Ditty’s friend Heather is in a bad relationship with her husband. Bobs sleds knee is jacked up.
Girl dads friend Jeff who passed away.

My COT is about the opportunity for self growth, how I got to F3, and why I’m still here. My road to F3 started with Levy trying to get me to join. When I agreed to come, I showed up here at the danger zone. I’ve never really been a person that works out or follows my faith. But I knew I needed a change. I was in really bad shape physically and mentally. Since joining F3, I’ve gotten into the best shape of my life and lost 65 pounds. I feel more confident when talking in front of large groups and I no longer need to take cholesterol pills or use a sleeping machine at night. I started F3 for the fitness, but I have kept coming back because of the fellowship and the amazing HIM’s that I have met.

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