5:15 Introduction by Q

Welcome/FNGs?, Motto/Credo , 5 core principles

Disclaimer – Real risk of injury,  we’ll play til 6:10. 

Any FNGs?

Anyone never played ultimate before? 

Spirit of the game – self officiated, no contact sport, remember we’re here to have fun, so be careful, keep the spirit high and the vulgarity to a minimum. 

Count off for total – describe team breakdown

explain that we’ll mosey to fields then do a dynamic warm up. – line up on the goal line and follow me. 

5:18  Mosey to field(s) or Mosey a Lap to warm up legs

5:22  Dynamic Warm-Ups – 20 yards of each 

Out – Walking Lunges with horizontal twists

Back – Walking Lunges with vertical reaches 

Out – Walking Frankensteins/Rockettes

Back – Walking hamstring stretch – reach for toes with hands and push belly towards foot 

Out & Back – Shuffles to the left, come back facing same way

Out & Back – Karaokes facing same way

Out – Butt Kickers

Back – High Knees

Out – Quick Skips/Marios

Back – High Skips/Marios

Out – Accelerate to 75% run

Back – sprint

5:30  Count off into teams 

Box 3x3yd square shared “endzone”, with 15x15yd check zone after a score

Full field 120X30-40yds with 20 yard enzones

small field 100×30-40yds with 20 yard enzones

PAX Breakdown

0-5 No Ultimate,  go for a run/string of pearls/up to Q

6-7 2 Teams Box (+sub if odd)

8-11 Small Field – 2 teams of 4 or 5 (+sub if odd)

12-19 2 teams 6, 7, 8, or 9 (+sub if odd)

20-23 2 Small Fields – 4 teams of 5 (+sub if odd) or 2 teams of 6 and 2 teams of 5 (+sub if odd)

24-35 4 teams of 6, 7, 8 (+ 1, 2 or 3 subs total, no more than 1 per team)

36-60 6 teams of 6, 7, 8, or 9 (+ 1 sub per team or alternating sub as needed)

61+ go buy a lottery ticket

6:10  Omaha


Flag Pass




First I want to thank some people integral to making this AO a reality. 

Merit badge and rest of the canyon/oracle ultimate crew for inspiring me to start doing some ultimate pop ups during the week. 

Guys like Oompa, doppler, tea party, baby shoes, and wentworth for expressing interest in playing some  ultimate. 

Gator for showing up to play at an unsanctioned pop up in may, identifying a passion in the pax, and helping relay that to the leadership of F3 Omaha. 

As many of you may know,  the whole reason I joined F3 is because i had just played with a masters team at nationals in 2021 and I wanted to get in shape so I could be a more effective ultimate player on that team in 2022. Well, I jumped into f3 hard and lost a bunch of weight and got into the best shape id been in since high school by the end of 21,  I then tore up the old knee and missed playing ultimate in 2022 but the idea of playing in 23 was a driving force in my recovery and losing weight and getting back in shape again. well a week or so before the first masters tournament this year,  I got a call from one of the new captains and got some bad news about my role on the team and I started thinking about how some of my best buddies on the team were not going to be there this year.   and I was down and out and stressed about the time and money commitment  staying on the team in what would be a limited role would entail.  I called my buddy doppler and he broke it down so clearly for me.  He said is your goal to be stressed out about being a bit part player on a team  that might go to nationals or is it to play ultimate with your buddies and have a good time.  

Selfishly I’m so thankful for the opportunity to plant this flag in service of having a good time with my buddies and playing some disc.  Unselfishly I’m so excited to provide an opportunity for all the PAX of F3 Omaha to do the same.  

Thanks to all of you.  

Tater tot would you pray us out? If no tater, pick someone else. Gator/plague

6:15 Return to Flags

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