PAX:  Spreadsheet, Tassels (Respect), Amazing, Reba, Lockdown (FNG), FDIC, Waffle House (Respect), Joe Buck (Hate), Flying V, Cheap Seats, Laser Jet (Respect), Gunner (Respect), Speed Bump, Black Lung, Tin Cup (Respect), Betamax, Buns of Steel, Cyclone (Respect Respect), Chiclets (Respect), Ozark (Respect)

QIC: Vandelay
I arrived a little early to ensure I was arriving at the correct launch point and to survey the morning atmosphere of the expanded AO.  It was nice to have a little break from the sweltering starts to the mornings experienced this past week, however I was not thrilled about the amount of rain that was coming down at arrival.  Luckily, it dissipated quickly, and I ran out to verify a few strategic points for the Beatdown.  Gunner had been advertising a Pre Run through Little Italy so I had been looking forward to this opportunity to experience a rejuvenated neighborhood from my memories as a kid.  It did not disappoint, although there were a lot of steep hills and it is always disappointing to know that the original Caniglia’s on 7th St had been torn down.  

Now my previous Q experience at the Canyon was some time ago and it entailed Demogorgon, Birdman, and myself exploring a lot of areas around the edges of construction.  I have been eternally grateful to the two of them for not leaving me out there by myself that day, but I thought this time we may get a few more.  Today there were 20 plus me so that was a decent redemption.  

The group began to assemble with a lot of pre beatdown mumblechatter.  Excitement was building for the upcoming experience. I announced the beginning of our morning and thanked everyone for helping break my record for PAX at my Canyon Q.  

We covered the standard Mission, Principles, and Disclaimers.  

The Mission of F3 is to plant, grow, and serve small men’s workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership.   5 Core Principles: 1) It’s free; 2) open to all men; 3) always held outdoors; 4) peer led in a rotating fashion; and 5) ends in a circle of trust.  

I was more than excited to have Waffle House joining us today but was a little nervous about what I had planned for the morning so I announced we may improvise a bit and that everyone would be contributing by calling out some exercises.  We moseyed over to the area by the regimentally sculpted pond and stairs for some War-A-Rama.  This area was the end of the original mall but rebuilt as part of the updates.  


High Knees – 20 IC

Sun Gods F and R 10 IC

Moroccan Nightclubs – 12 IC

Seal Claps -10

OH Claps – 10

WaffleHouse requests GRRR- Happies and for me to execute.  No way could I be the equal of Tater Tot here, but I gave it a shot.  We did 3 of these.  

Pre Thang – Thang We moseyed to the new platform structure out over the River and completed a series of exercises after 20 Monkey Humpers at the end of the platform with backsides to Iowa – Since Cyclone was with us.

-The exercises were called by 3 different PAX members

We basically went on a String of Pearls approach- kind of – covering gathering spots along the way

Station 1:  Lake side platform via ADA Ramp: Exercises from 3 different PAX members

Station 2:  Back to top and over the base of largest Shovel Flag in F3 Omaha: Exercises from 3 different PAX members.  Now here Laser Jet called Motivators counting up and then down to 4.  I may reconsider his chance to be called on again.

Station 3: Across the pedestrain bridges to the are outside the Luminarium:  Here we did Dips and Derkins and then got a photo op with Balls to the wall.  This was followed by 4 sprints the length of the facility.

Station 4: Back to Large Flag area where we assembled for Core time.


Box Cutters 15 IC

Heel Touches 15 IC

Plus a few others called out by other PAX members.

We concluded with American Hammers – 20

Circle of Trust

Count-A-Rama and Name-A-Rama ensued- see list above.  Welcome to FNG Lockdown


  • Prayers for Spreadsheet’s Uncle Mike who passed away – and their family
  • A friend of Huffy’s committed suicide
  • Tassel’s wife
  • Ozark’s friend – Barry
  • PAX who are ailing
  • Chiclet’s uncle’s funeral which is today.


  • Third F opportunities upcoming
  • Iron Pax Week 0
  • This will be regular meeting space for the Canyon
  • Sept is Suicide Awareness Month
  • Get to your doctor for regular screenings

Message from the Q – Vandelay: I have joked from time to time about my previous Q at the Canyon, which was a Q swap with Waffle House.  He drew the crowd to the Oracle that Saturday.  I have also heard about guys being disappointed when they get a low number to their Q and whether that reflects on them.  DOA created a stunning and now well-known video for his work out he Q’d alone – it affected a number of our members.  This can be a bigger issue these days with 7-8 AOs on any given day and several VQs, Flag passes, Anniversaries, etc that are going on.  The reality is that it is a gift to be blessed with a small group on occasion.  That Saturday was one of the few times I spent much time in conversation with Demogorgon, for example.  We need to treasure these opportunities rather than question them.  With that, I am grateful for all who made the trip to support me today and thanks to Gunner and Joe Buck for being such great hosts.  I had a great time. Aye! Vandelay

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