August 26, 2023 7:00 am Saturday.Oracle boystown Weather 67 degrees and no more rain like the 6:00 am crew.
Q: blades of gloryPAX.  Home alone, Greenhouse, kingsford, swiper, retweet, chowda, Sargent pencil, mulliganTotal of 9 PAX
Inch worms 🪱15 SSH Yoga Pigeons Big Ones
Go to Wall do Wall work for pre thang….
30 Second Wall sit15 sec 1 leg15 sec 1 legGive Modification….30 second B2W20 Australian Mountain Climber10 Chicken peakers20 sit ups touch wall20 1 leg  O yeahs…
Thang #1.Run to track field
KISS (Keep it simple stupid)Run 400M60 MerkinsRun 400M50 Air SquatsRun 400 M40 MerkinsRun 400 M30 Air SquatsRun 400 M20 MerkinsRun 400 M10 Air Squats
Went for until 6:28 then moved on….

Run to practice football field 
Thang 2…. (Each one we had a 5 min cap then moved on to the next set)
Crazy 88 is what its called3 Rounds.  (Modified to 5 burpees)1. 5 Burpees on sideline sprint to far side 8 burpees until complete 88 burpees Do 11 Sets of Burpees (Run down and back 5x (Start and end with 8 Burpees)
3. 88 Air Squats (Walking Lunges to other sideline then another 88 air squats and walking lunges back to sideline.
3. X factors, Do 88 x factors on the sideline, bear crawl to the far sideline. Do 88 more then crawl bear back to the sideline (176 total)

Nam o Rama:Announcements  Iron Pax starting,  Farvas run coming up, Vala’sPrayer RequestC.O.T.
Iron pax you verse you don’t get to caught up in form and how other people are doing when you can only control yourself.
Great to see my son Joah on the Varsity football field.  Such a proud moment. Gracia turned 19 today and miss her so much.  Love them both and will be there when they are ready….

Sorry Some reason the copy paste didn’t go smooth….

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