Octagon : 08/28/2023 – “Mission Impossible”

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PAX: (15) Farva, Ice-Tea, Knocksville, Folsom, Tassels, Ruckspin, Grillz, Bubbles, Roadhouse, Sweet Roll, Boss Hog, Pogo, Black Jack, Hooah, Low Flow

Q:  Low Flow


We circled up at the Flags for:

10 Big Ones, 10, Tappy Taps, 10 Cherry Pickers, 10 Sun Gods (F) & 10 (R), 20 SS Hops

Then we moved to the track


The Farva Gross mini version which is 12 reps chosen by one PAX followed by 1 lap around the track. We did this for 15 min then moved to the North goaline on the field.

The Thang: ( 2 man grinder)

I placed cones at the goaline, 5 yard line, 20 yard line and the 50 yard line which one PAX would run these as a shuttle run “yes you must touch the ground” while the other PAX would do the exercises on the sheet which were:

200 Merkins

200 Air Squats

200 LBC’s

200 Ranger Merkins

200 Air Squats

200 Big Boy’s

200 Air Squats

200 Werkins

200 Air Squats



Thursday 08/31 is the Mark and Taylor Kaipust Memorial run at the Sandlot/Steel Mill  

Prayers: For Tassels M  

COT: “Mission Impossible” I started my F3 journey at the Octagon in April 2022 not being able to run and or finish a beatdown which at the time seemed impossible but I kept grinding and made it possible. Then I would see guys pre run before the beatdowns which to me seemed impossible but I started doing the actual pre run in october of 2022 relentlessly grinding through them and now I pre run before every beatdown, I made it possible. This past week I did something that I truly thought was impossible…. I put in 70 miles…. In a week, I made the what I thought was impossible possible! I challenged the PAX to find something that they thought was physically impossible and to go out and make it possible.

Aye, Low Flow

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