Weather: 84 but much better than earlier in the week

Pax: Almost Famous, Wait Time, Vandelay, High Point, Kingsford,  Penny Marshall, Chiclets, Canadian Bacon, Tiny Dancer, Room Service, Quidditch, Mizzou, Jenny Bravo, Tom Tom, Cutting Edge, Dirty Bird, Waterboy, Venmo, Hemmi  

This morning as Tom Tom and Vandelay veered off for the 5 am pre-run, Wait Time and Chiclets cordially invited Pax for a 5 am pre-yoga session before the beat down. Brilliant Idea.  We should do more of this.  

At the 5:30 greeting a large group of men congregated on Burke Drive without knowing what was in store for them.  There was great energy this Friday morning as the breeze this morning provided some reasonable temperatures for our 45-minute sweat session.  Mission Statement, 5 Core Principles, Injury Disclaimer and “The Six” credo was stated.  No FNGs, so we got right to it.  


  1. Windmills
  2. Weed pullers

Ventured to the bottom of the grassy hill

  • Sun Gods-Big Sun Gods-Moroccan Nite Clubs-Reverse
  • Yoga Toe Taps

Pre-Thang – Hill

Bernie Sanders- 10 flutter kicks- 5 Turkish Get -Ups We did three sets  

The Thang

Sprints – Session 1 – Sideline to Hash (5 Times)

15 IC Imperial Walkers

15 Diamond Merkins 1

5 IC Jump Ropes

30 s Chilcot

15 IC Frozen Freddie Mercury’s                

Sprints – Session 2 – (50 yarders 5 times)

15 IC Imperial Walkers

15 Ranger Merkins


30 s Chilcot

15 IC Frozen Freddie Mercury’s  

Sprints – Session 3 –  L-shape (mosey – then sprint)

15 IC Imperial Walkers

15 Werkins

15 IC Jump Ropes

30 s Chilcot

15 IC Frozen Freddie Mercury’s  

Sprints – Sesssion 4 Short and quick (20 YARDS)  

Omaha called after 7 20-yd sprints  

Mary– 4 sets of Capt. Thors  

Announcements – Blood Drive today and Tea Party’s Black Ops  

COT- I mentioned how Miracle is my favorite movie. I did love the scene when the Coach Herb Brooks is “sprinting” them after he didn’t like their performance after a game.  Herb Brook’s leadership style while coaching this team was part of “the current time.”  Today, it may be a bit too toxic.  Virtuous Leaders have to know and use some many characteristics to guide their team and know how to effectively motive each member of the team to achieve the goal.

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