Date: 8/25/2023

PAX(10): Bobsled, Jackson 5, Snidely, Animal House, Folsom, Woodstock, Caruso, Woody, Double Dip, Busser

FNGs: None

AO: The Brickyard

QIC: Busser

Conditions: Feels like temp of 75 degrees

At 5:30am, YHC welcomed the PAX to F3, F3 stands for Fitness, Fellowship, and Faith. I then covered the 5 core principles (free, open to all men, always outside, led in a rotating fashion, and end in a circle of trust), the mission statement (to plant, grow, and serve small men’s workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership), the pcredo (leave no man behind, but leave no man where you found him), and the disclaimer

Disclaimer: I am not a professional, please modify the exercises as necessary as there is a real risk for injury.

Warm O Rama:

Sun gods forward and backward, Michael Phelps, Cherry Pickers, windmills, tappy taps, big ones (10 IC for each)


11s: Thrusters and Man-makers (2 pull throughs = 1)

The Thing:

Wheel and Spoke: 8 cones were set up in a circle with a light marking the center of the circle. Each cone had an exercise associated with it: Curls, Tricep extensions, Squats, RDLs, Big Boys, Flutter Kicks, Shoulder Presses, Bent over rows. 

The PAX split into pairs and worked around the clock together by carrying the coupon from the center light out to a cone in the circle to complete the exercise listed. Then the PAX return to the center to complete 3 Blockees before moving on to the next cone in a clockwise fashion. 


E2K (elbow to knee) 15 IC (both sides)


Name O Rama: All PAX listed were present 

Announcements: freed to bleed, and halfway house

Prayers: e5 had stint put in last night, Snydely’s M Julie, Folsom’s coworker  Brenton, high school athletes


Goal setting. I listened to a Huberman Lab podcast from July 24th and the portion about goal setting and maintaining motivation stuck with me.

Make your goal approach oriented instead of avoidance oriented. It is hard to track progress toward your goal if it is avoidance oriented. 

For example: It is measurable when you have the goal to eat more healthy foods, you can track when you eat healthy foods. It is much harder to measure if you have a goal to avoid foods that are bad for you. How do you track every time you don’t open the pantry at 8 or 9pm to grab a cookie or some chips?

It is also more rewarding when you achieve an approach oriented goal. It gives you a sense of accomplishment, pride, and further motivates you. When gauging success of an avoidance oriented goal, you tend to just feel relief that you didn’t fail which isn’t necessarily motivating to continue your pursuit.  

Make your goals approach oriented to make them more effective and motivating.

YHC closed us out in prayer.



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