Aug 23, 2023
Mt Olympus
Q: Black Lung

Count: 13

PAX: G string, stall, fun dip, double dip, Chernobyl, boss Hog, Jackson 5, beans, crank bait, 6°, Duracell, LaserJet, Black Lung

5:15 am: Welcome!
F3 – Fitness, Fellowship and Faith
It is the mission of F3 to plant, grow and serve small workout groups for the re-invigoration of male community leadership.

5 Core Principles.

Disclaimer: Black Lung is no professional – An exercise enthusiast at best.

Hold coupon above head during intro.
On my count, 5 rounds of five Merkins on coupon, five Groiners, five push press.

Start at coupon. Run to wall.
Five wall walks. Run to coupon. 10 blockees.
Repeat, adding one rep to wall walk and two reps to blockees. Six walks, 12 blockees. Seven walks, 14 blockees, ending at 10 walks and 20 blockees. 20 minute time cap. Once finished, shuttle run in parking lot until time cap.

Every minute on the minute, run 25 yards and back to coupon.
Round one: 5 push press, 5 swings.
Round two: 6 push press, 6 swings.
If all reps successfully completed in one minute, increase by one rep next round. If not all reps completed, remain at that number of reps and try again. Work out ends when nobody can complete required number of reps within a minute. Likely minute 11. 11th minute would be 15 presses and 15 swings.


Rancid Style Hammers. Count slowly and touch the ground on each side on each rep.


Announcements: Half way house Sunday at Mt Olympus.

Flag pass sandlot.

Ironpax begins next week

Blood drive Friday

September raising money for Heartland toy drive. $7500 goal.

New dads

It’s my birthday today. 34 years old. I like to use my birthday to remind myself I still have what it takes to do something really hard. Some people want their birthday to be a full day celebration. I want some of my birthday to be a struggle. And that’s what we did this morning. Hope it was a struggle for you. Certainly was a struggle for me. The struggle is what makes us, and would be a shame to try to keep struggles out of our lives. We are expecting her first child in about six weeks, and I’m a little fearful. I’ll be tempted to over provide, and provide more than my child needs and be tricked into making life as easy as possible. Of course, it would be motivated by love but a person who has no adversity, and no struggle ends up week and unprepared for life. I don’t think a parent would intentionally try to produce a weak and unprepared child but when extraordinary efforts are taken to pave the way for a child, so they face no adversity, that’s what happens. But for today thanks for taking on this birthday struggle for me. Hope it was a good reminder that we still have what it takes.

Black Lung prayed us out.


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