Weather: 38 and calm

Pax: DaVinci, Bloodshot, TC, Total Eclipse (down range for SD), Duckling, Joe Buck, Chin Strap, Spreadsheet, E-85, Bovine, Flying V, Bosley, FNG Daisy,

Q: Gunner

As we gather this Saturday Morning for Gipper’s 5 year with F3 Omaha, he had a bit of the creeping crude and had get some rest to heal up, so I graciously stepped in to Q.  It is always and honor to Q the Canyon since it is my favorite AO. As the Pax began to arrive, the news of a substitute Q began to demoralize some, especially the announcement of doing a string of Pearls.  But before taking off, the F3 Mission statement, 5 Core principles and credos were shared as we head through the gate and to the stadium.  Our morning was made with the fact that a friendly new guy, to be named Daisy, joined us on our stroll through downtown.


Was done at the top of the parking garage of the Omaha Park building on Capital Street.  Since this was a substitute Q role, all the leaders in the group shared and led a warmarama exercise.  After warmarama, we grounded ourselves down to Capital Street and headed over to the Capital District stage for a pre-thang.

Pre-Thang was at the Capital District Stage

We did 5 sets of performing 5 Big Boy sit ups and 5 jump up and down the stage steps.

After this stop we moseyed to CHI Center stairs

At the CHI Stairs, we ran sprints-up the steps and did 10 merkins.  One rep was sprint up the stairs and do 10 merkins and just return to the bottom.  We did a total of four sets here.  Then we moseyed to the end of the pedestrian bridge.

At the end of the pedestrian bridge, we stopped, grouped up and performed two sets of Core.  Then moseyed past the new Illuminarium Museum to get a sneak peak of the future Riverfront park.  We made another stop to re-group and perform another couple rounds of core.

We continued the SOP route to the Waffle House garage. We grouped up and did two more Core exercises.  We moseyed to the 8th St. bus stop for our second to last stop and core, then finished up the route at the Main Center Stage for about a 2.5 mile SOP.


Big Os – We partnered up. On our Sixes and across from each other. One person held Banana-position for 30 count and the other person did Big Os around their feet.

Announcements : Brick Builder in June, May 13 Heartland Hope Food Bank

Prayers :for friends and family that are not well at this time

COT: I used the SOP workout as a metaphor to how our lives have ups and downs. Just like the workout today, we didn’t plan for a run up 9 flights of stairs, back down, sprinting and running across busy streets.  We don’t always plan for the unseen events in life, but together, like this beatdown you can get through the challenges.

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