May 3 Fun Dip at MOUNT OLYMPUS 

5:15 Opening

5 core principles, Mission statement, Credo

5:18 Warm-O-Rama

10 Moroccan Night clubs, 10 Big Ones, 10 Side straddle hops. 

5:25 The Thing 

Take Coupons and Frisbees to the west side of the school.  Relay race, 2 groups. Each member will go once from the starting cone throwing your frisbee until it gets into the HOLE.  They will run back.  All the while carrying their coupon on the course.  

Race #1: (The short one)

Each team will send one individual to throw while the others complete the following tasks

  • Thrusters 25
  • Curls 25
  • Overhead Tricep Extension 25

Rinse and Repeat until all members have completed the course.

******Before moving on each PAC’s will perform a burnout set of Maverick Merkins with 2 other PAC’s

Race #2 (The long one)

  • Bench Press 25
  • WWI’s 25
  • Overhead presses 25
  • Rinse and Repeat until all members have completed the course.

*******Gas pumpers with a russian twist to failure 30+

When done we are practicing our Frisbee Golf skills until OMAHA!!!  Truth be told Lady Bug can throw a DISC.  He was the deciding factor in the 3 on 3 on 3 challenge at the end.  Lowest combined score wins with PAC’s Rotating throws.  

OMAHA 5:40am: 

COT:  The Carrot Principle: “When I make a mistake I’m recognized 100 percent of the time; when I do something great, I’m not recognized 99 percent of the time.”  It is amazing that as a society that we are quick to recognize faults but we don’t recognize the good.  Even with our kids.  

-Let go around the horn and tell the last time we told our kids they did something specific and you recognized them in a positive way.

-Now let’s do the same question with our “M”s?  

Why do we take the small things for granted?  When was the last time you wrote your “M” or your kids a handwritten note?

Beat Down(9): Double Dip, Dozer, Busser, Lady Bug, Mortar, Tenacious D, G-String, Fun Dip, Ear Tag

FNGs: )



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