May 2, 2023

AO – The Mess Hall

38-40 degrees; moderate wind

Q: Stella

12 PAX:  Folsom, Pig Pen, Taser, Good Looking, Tight Lip, Hing Sight, Line Dance, Swinger, Smash Mouth, Cosmo, Rosetta, Stella.

5:30 AM – YHC welcome PAX, reviewed mission statement and 5 Core Principles.  Credo noted. 

We took a short mosey over the church parking lot for Warm-A-Rama, which consisted of: SSH, Tappy Taps, Big Ones, Chinooks, Imperial Walkers and Dirty Dogs.

After getting loose, we ran on the street around the AO to the basketball courts.  We then did a 10 second breather and headed over the base of the hill for a Pre-Thang. 

The Pre-Thang consisted of 10 Monkey Humpers at the base and 10 merkins at the top.  Did this for 8-10 minutes.  The Thang was up next. For the Thang, we did 2 sets of each of the below, then ran a lap around the small track back to the start. 

  • 25 Air squats
  • 25 Merkins
  • 25 Bobby Hurleys
  • 25 Makhtar N’Diaye
  • 25 Frozen Freddy
  • 25 Alt. Shoulder Taps
  • 25 Hand Release Merkins
  • 25 Carolina Dry Docks
  • 25 Crab Walk touches

Rinsed and repeated until Omaha was called around 6:05am.  Some light mumblechatter this morning.  As noted below, it was questionable whether I might We had some alternative 90s rock in the background during the beatdown.  We then went back up to the shovel flags for 6MOM.  For Mary, we did some flutters kicks, low dollys, box cutters and American Hammers.

Prayer requests mentioned and noted.  COT:  Last week was YHC’s 4-year anniversary.  Looking back, the most meaning thing to me is all the relationships and people that I have gotten to know through F3.  Yesterday, I was home with a sick kid (and I was close to missing this Q due to stomach bug circulating around my house); however, I made it today….Although, I had a small fear of joining Ponzi in special club…  At home, my 5-year-old son took out a piece of paper and started asking my who my F3 friends were.  He wrote down all the names I told him (and he even asked for ages).  I kept mentioning names and he kept writing them (with me saying how to spell these odd names we all have). This clicked and made me realize that 80-90% of my current friends are someone connected to F3.  But for an EH from SafeRide 4 years ago, I may be in another circle and know nobody who posted today.   I am absolutely grateful for each PAX that posted today and I have met in F3 Omaha.  Special thanks to Wait Time for bring the F3 vision to Omaha.  Share the wealth and EH an FNG!



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The Mess Hall

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