Weather: Rainy but not cold

Pax: Bobsled, Razzle Dazzle, Julep, Folsom, Polaroid, Bloodshot, Vanilla Ice, Short Circuit

Q: Gunner

This morning had rain. And it started well before the start of the beatdown to let all of F3 Omaha know whether they should wake up and post or stay dry and get some more sleep. Fortunately, eight other men chose to join me as we huddled under the Stinson Park pavilion for our morning greeting and traditional F3 Omaha style introduction.  No FNGs this morning so that allowed us to maintain our small work out group which was perfect as it allowed us the wonderful coverage for a Warmarama session.



Tappy Taps

Yoga Toe Taps

Mountain Man Poopers

Jump Ropes – High knees – Goofballs – SSH  all 15IC no stops

After Warmarama, we had to come out from under the cover of the pavilion and rifle carry our coupons around the obelisk and to cone 1

The Thang – Had a 150 foot linear course with 6 cone stops

  1. 5 Blockees

       Murder Bunnies

  • 30 IC Rocky Balboas

      Murder Bunnies

  • 20 Kettle Swings

      Murder Bunnies

  • 30 Jump Over Coupon

Murder bunnies

  • 15 Blockees

Murder Bunnies

  • 20 Thrusters

Riffle Carry down and back (Loup Lap through gazebo)

Circled up at cone 6 and performed the follow:

5 Counts – 5 Reps -10 Count -10 Reps

UpRight Rows



Plank Jacks

One hand carry and Switch – and back to Cone 1

Omaha At 6:08 am


10 Press –

20 IC Flutter Kicks –

10 Press

10 IC LBCs

10 Press

10Leg Lifts

10 press

10 IC scissor kicks

Announcements – Heartland Hope Toy Drive

  • Coffee Tip donation for Oahu’s widow
  • Oct. 5 Nugent Memorial run at Futurama…More details to come

Prayers – Folsom requested prayer for a close friend who lost the father to suicide


Forgiveness –

Can you forgive people? 

Have you forgiven people in your life?

I bring this up because we do many things to make us feel good. Exercise, vacations, comfort food, volunteer, the start of a new weekend?

But what does that forgiveness feel like to for you?

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