Date: 9/22/2023

PAX(9): Soup, Mulch, Echo, Oscar, Nae Nae, Skidz, Eh, Beanstalk, Busser 


AO: The Farm

QIC: Busser and Nae Nae

Conditions: 64 degrees and rain 

At 5:15 am, we welcomed the PAX to F3, F3 stands for Fitness, Fellowship, and Faith. We then covered the 5 core principles (free, open to all men, always outside, led in a rotating fashion, and end in a circle of trust), the mission statement (to plant, grow, and serve small men’s workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership), the credo (leave no man behind, but leave no man where you found him), and the disclaimer

Disclaimer: We are not professionals, please modify the exercises as necessary as there is a real risk for injury.

Warm O Rama: 10 IC Michael Phelps, big ones, and tappy taps

Pre-thing: we ran up the hill from the flags to the east, stopped in the parking lot next to the church and completed 20 reps of each: merkins, Lunges, imperial walkers. We then ran halfway back to the flags and stopped at the intersection at the top of downtown and completed the same exercises as the first stop. Lastly, we ran to the stage area of the fairgrounds to take shelter from the rain for the thang, and completed the exercise set one more time. 

The Thing: Husker and college football trivia featuring the Wheel of Pain. We intended to split into teams, but based on the size of the group we decided to just have each PAX take a turn and do the exercises as a group. Each PAX took turns spinning the wheel of pain and attempting to answer a trivia question, group help was allowed. The wheel of pain has 14 slots with various exercises. Correct answers earned 10 reps and incorrect answers earned 20 reps.

Mary: 15 IC Frozen Freddie’s, heel touches, and LBCs, followed by Sarpy slammers

Name O Rama: all PAX present

Announcements: HHM still raising funds for the toy drive. Soup confirmed we raised $650 for Project Pink through the first round of shirt orders, the first round should be delivered soon. Another round of orders will open up at the beginning of October. 

Prayers: Tassles wife Amy battling cancer

CoT from Busser: Much like a true Husker fan I have trouble letting go of the past. Specifically regarding mistakes I have made whether it be poor choices, mishandling relationships, having a lack of drive and willpower. We all make mistakes, it’s part of what makes us who we are as men. I personally have had trouble letting go of mistakes I have made in the past and have spent a lot of time dwelling on them, allowing them to negatively affect me for way longer than necessary. Part of getting over past mistakes is taking responsibility and acknowledging your wrongdoings or missteps. Own the fact that you’re not perfect and can’t be no matter how hard you try. Another step is learning from the mistake that you made so that you can prevent repeating it, maybe recognizing how you treated someone was not right or how you handled work stress. Lastly, a hard but necessary part of letting go of the past is forgiving yourself for those past mistakes, acknowledging the fact that you are better now for going through it. If there is anything you are holding onto, try these steps to work through it, grab a brother and talk about it, use the strength of this group to help you through it. 

Nae Nae closed us out in prayer.


Busser and Nae Nae

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