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Q: Black Tuesday

7 PAX: LongBoard, Arch, Bunson, Korver, Stranglehold, Black Tuesday, Harding

QIC:  Black Tuesday

4:45 AM

Farva and Low flow are animals and knocked out a 10k prior to IPC, while Stranglehold and Korver knocked out the standard pre-run. 

5:15 AM:

Black Tuesday welcomed the Pax to F3 – reminding them of the F3 Mission: Plant, Grow and Serve small workout groups of men for the invigoration of male community leadership.   

Black Tuesday then recited the 5 core principles of F3.  1) Free of charge 2) Open to all men.  3) Held outdoors, 4) Peer led in a rotating fashion and 5) Ends with a Circle of Trust (COT). 

Black Tuesday then informed the group that he is not a professional and to modify as necessary.  He recited the creedo – “Leave no man behind, but leave no man where you found him.”

The PAX then moseyed to the field for the Warm-O-Rama.


The PAX did two quick laps around the track, circled up in the end zone and performed the following:

  1. Sun gods x 10 forward and back
  2. Cherry pickers x 10
  3. Tappy taps x 10
  4. Big Ones x 10
  5. Quad stretch x 10


The PAX then completed the following:

  1. The PAX lined up on the sideline, spread out every five yards, except for one PAX (Push PAX).  
  2. The first PAX in the line (starting at the goal line) stands in a rifle carry position with a coupon.  
  3. The Push PAX runs to the opposite sideline and back
  4. While the Push PAX is running, the remainder of the line performs exercises AMRAP.
  5. When Push PAX returns, they go to the end of the line.  
  6. Coupon passes to the next PAX in line.
  7. Coupon passer becomes push PAX.

Exercises for Hold the Line:

  1. Down Sideline (yardline | exercise)

Goal Line Al gore

5 Plank

10 Chinooks


Air squats






Johnny dramas


Big boys


Maktar n diayas


Sumo squats


Flutter kicks


Raise the roofs




Low Dolleys




Side Straddle Hops


WWII Sit Ups


Seal claps


Monkey humper


Heels to Heaven

Goal line

Ranger Merkins

  1. Across Goal Line
    1. 3 Burpees
    2. Plank
    3. Rinse and Repeat
  1.  The same thing  back down the opposite sideline. 

Black Tuesday called Omaha at approximately 0550, right after flutter kicks at the 50. 

The PAX then moseyed up to the flag and completed Mary.

  • Sarpy Slammers, 14 to be exact

Name-o-rama occurred at the completion of Mary.


  • Announcements
    • Heartland 
    • Hero heart run week from Sunday 
  • Prayers
    • Harding – general prayer for healing for everyone going through injury or other items.
    • Korver’s uncle – colon cancer
    • Arche’s coworkers son


Be prepared for the unexpected. 

Foot problems threw me off. 

Leaders know problems will happen and are prepared – see Q source.

How Tough Are You?

The definition of Resilience – the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness. 

To recover quickly, you must mentally prepare yourself for the future by asking the important questions, while also choosing to live a life of action that catapults you into the future. This doesn’t mean that you don’t feel the pain or hardship during stressful times, it means that you’re choosing not to let your circumstances hold you back from what’s ahead.  

Embracing Positivity

Looking at life from a positive point of view can be difficult when life hits you with the unexpected. Surrounding yourself with others’ that are positive in all circumstances will help you overcome your difficult times. Living a life that prepares for the unexpected is being realistic about the “What if’s” that could be expected on your journey, choosing to be resilient during the difficult times, and always leaning into positivity.

Focus on being resilient in life, don’t let the unexpected stop your progress. 

Thank you!! BT

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