16 September 2023 / AO Bunz Town Pop-Up / Temp 57 deg, Wind 6 mph SSE

17 PAX:
Mulligan (RESPECT), Uncle Rico, High Point (RESPECT x2), Greenhouse, Da Fridge, House Party, Woodstock, Stripes, Canadian Bacon
(RESPECT x2), Amazin, T-Bone, (RESPECT), Baby Shoes (HATE), FNG Kermit (HATE), Lemu (RESPECT), Vespa (RESPECT), Ace (RESPECT),

Bobsled (Weeeeee)

0500 Pre-Run/Pre-Ruck:
I arrived at the AO 0455. Muligan (RESPECT) was heading out for a pre 10K (psychopath). I did a roundtrip 25 minute. When I got
back to the flags Candian Bacon (RESPECT x3) and Lemu (RESPECT) were embarking on a pre-run. Unfortunately there no other pre-
ruckers so I did another 25 minute ruck to be back on site at 0600.

0600 Welcome:
Bobsled welcomed everyone to Bunz Town and F3 (Fitness, Fellowship, and Faith), recited the Mission Statement, Credo and 5 Core
Principals. There were no FNGs unfortunately. Bobsled reminded everyone to modify as necessary as he is not a professional.
There is a real risk of injury. There were many Pax who I had not met or worked out. The most important thing you can do in prison
is find the biggest guy and hit him right in the mouth so that’s what I did. ��

Side Straddle Hops, 10 IC
Sun Gods, 10 fwd, 10 bk IC
Michael Phelps, 10 IC
Big Ones, 10 IC
Hamstring Stretch, 10 count ea hammy

Rotating/Circle Merkings (Cerkins? Rerkins?). We circled up and did a merkin followed by a walking plank. Rotated around our circle
15 clockwise, 15 counter clockwise – 30 merkins.
Air Squats/Raise the Roof/ Moroccan Night Clubs to the song “Pump it up” by Endor. Speed squats during the hook. Double time
RTR or MNC to the beat.

The Thang:
Conditioning circuit with approx. a one minute mosey up the steps to the school and back down the ramp to point of beginning. No
scheduled rest periods. Just go hard until OMAHA. I set it up this way so if you needed a break you could just step out and fall back
in when you’re ready. We took turns leading the exercises. All Pax got a chance to lead! Outstanding job by the way. Bunch of
studs. Conditioning circuit consisted of:
20 Alt Front Lunge
20 Alt Reverse Lunge
20 Jump Squats
20 Merkins
20 Mountain Climbers
40 Air Squats
20 Side Straddle Hops
YHC had planned for Mary for a pre-thang, but I have dementia so we “skipped” it. Also we did not finish with Mary. Also because I
have dementia.

FNG naming

We welcomed Kermit to F3 Omaha. Kermit was EHed by Baby Shoes.

Next Saturday is the Bunz Town Launch! Da Fridge & House Party Co-Site Q’s
Shout Out Crab Cakes for 2 nd F Opportunity at Vala’s!
Mulligan son Xavier 45 days sober! Continued prayers for him.
Mulligan coworker with leukemia
Oktoberfest 2 nd F @ German American Center at 3pm (sorry this backblast is coming out a little too late ☹
Gandolph dad passed away from cancer

COT: (My Story)
My beatdown playlist was all Kool & The Gang (my birth mom’s favorite band). I appreciate everyone for bearing with me through
an emotional, long winded COT. I tell my story because I want people know who I am and to let people know if they have any
trauma or struggle with mental health, they are not alone. I wear my emotions on my sleeve. I’m also an open book. Thank you so
much for allowing me to share. It’s very therapeutic.
I carried a lot of anger with me until my mid 20’s, because I thought my mom chose drugs, alcohol, and sex work instead of me. If
my own mom doesn’t love me, then who will? Nobody I thought. I became a ward of the state at age 5 and spent a couple years in
foster care where I went through many types of abuse. I was filled with rage and hate. I blamed my birth mom for everything. I let
everybody I came in contact with know my pain. I was just a troubled kid, teen and young adult.
In my mid 20’s, I was able to obtain paperwork via the Nebraska Children’s Home Society stating that my birth mom had
VOLUNTARILY given me up for adoption because she couldn’t provide what I needed as a parent. Safety, security, food, shelter, etc.
She did WHAT? She didn’t abandon me? She gave me a chance at the life I needed by letting me go? I am forever grateful for that
decision as it probably saved my life. Very selfless of her to give me a chance, even if it wasn’t with her. She gave birth to me a
second time by giving me up for adoption!
It took a lot of time, support, counseling, Faith, loyalty, and love, but through forgiveness I was able to change my attitude and my
life. I let go of a lot of my ill will and feelings of abandonment towards my birth mom. I didn’t have to carry that anger around no
more. Unfortunately, I never did get the chance to reconnect or talk to her. She was the victim of a homicide in 1982. It remains
unsolved to this day.
Thank you, mom! You saved my life. For me, Forgiveness = Freedom

Aye! Bobsled

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