Date: 07/21/23 | Location: Bell Tower | Start Time: 5:15 AM | Temp: 70

Title: “50/50”

Total PAX: (13) Girl Dad, Levy, Feeny, Bunsen, 008, Cush, Ladybug, Low Flow, Stranglehold, Cougar, Boss Hog, Uncle Jesse. 

Q: G String 

Smurphers:: Icy Hot

Prerunners:: Low Flow, Uncle Jesse, Stranglehold, Boss Hog, and Girl Dad

G String arrived at DongTown © about 0425 to set up the multiple cones he had planned to use for the beatdown. Icy Hot was chillin’ in his car and slowly stepped out with a groan and a chipper “Mornin G String!”. Unfortunately he was on his own for the Smurph as G String had to wait for the field gates to be opened for the set up. Between then and 0445, a few others showed up, including Stranglehold – the key beholder and Uncle Jesse – the beatbox provider. The prerunners took off as G String took his bucket o’ cones and fancy borrowed speaker to the field, jamming to the sweet sounds of The Lumineers. Girl Dad, being a fan of The Lumineers,  might’ve hesitated to stay back from the prerun but he had been amped up from his 3 am service call and wanted to get the move on. Later he would change the tunes to “50 Cent Radio” because you know, it was a 50 themed beatdown.  After G String had wrapped up the setup, he ventured off to pick up Icy Hot on his way back from his smurph. 

At 0515, G String welcomed the PAX to the Bell Tower, stating F3 stands for fitness, followship, and faith.  He covered 5 core principles – it’s free, open to all men, always outside, it’s led in a rotating fashion, and it ends in a circle of trust.  He told them that we leave no man behind and no man where we found him.  G String stated the Mission Statement of F3 – to plant, grow, and serve small workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership.  He claimed to not be a professional and asked that PAX modify as necessary.  He asked if there were any FNG’s and there were none. We had one first timer to the Bell Tower – welcome Cush, who joined us just days prior! PAX spread out for a little WaR as they waved goodbye to Icy Hot who had to be at a 0645 meeting for work. He’d be missing a good one unfortunately. 

Warm a Rama:

  • 10 x Cherry Pickers (IC)
  • 10 x Tappy Taps (IC)
  • 10 x Big Ones (IC)
  • Just get down and hold a squat real low and deep like (Stranglehold’s go-to)

Prething 1: 

PAX moseyed over to a large wall along the east side of the high school to perform a version of ATM’s.

(10) alternating shoulder taps

(10) tempo merkins (slow down for 3 count, then up)

(10) merkins (fast)

Since Levy and Feeny put their legs up on the wall, we threw in (10) chicken peckers.

PAX moseyed over to the bottom of a nice hill for prething 2. 

Prething 2: 

Burp Back Mountain

Paired up with a partner. 

Dude #1 Burpees at bottom of hill

Dude #2 Bernie sanders up and runs back down hill

Alternate until 50 burpees are completed.

Boss Hog and Cougar wrapped it up fairly quickly (thanks guys). 

The Thing:

Divided the group into four teams of 3 (one had 4 dudes). The teams were red, blue, yellow, and orange (identified by the color of cones on the 50 yard line).  The group lined up on the goal line, ran to the 50 yard line, and flipped one cone to reveal the two exercises on the bottom of the cone. Once completed, they returned to the goal line with cone-in-hand to perform (10) big boys, resulting in (50) big boys.

Exercises on cones (no order) included the following:

50 Carolina dry docks

50 maverick merkins

50 merkins

50 LBC’s IC

50 alt side squats IC

50 jump squats

50 knee tucks

50 freddy mercuries IC

50 alt kicks (kick out from crab position)

50 elbow plank jacks

All groups completed the thing getting their group of cones to the endzone; however the yellow group consisting of Low Flow, Cush, Bunsen, and 008 kind of accidentally cheated as they claimed to not have seen the second exercise on the underside of the cones… yet they were still the last ones complete. Weird. 

At 5:49, G String called “Omaha” – PAX ventured back to the flags for some Mary. G String pulled out a 50 cent coin and asked the winning team members to state their two favorite core exercises.

Ladybug was up first. Heads = LBC’s, Tails = Heel Touches. TAILS = 50 heel touches on his cadence. Low Flow picked up cadence at 40.

Uncle Jesse was next. Heads = low dollies. Tails = Heels to Heaven. HEADS = 50 low dollies on his open.

The group then performed (13) Sarpy slammers.

Name-o-Rama (see above list of PAX)

FNG’s: None

Announcements: flag pass at the Pit.

Prayers/Intentions:   Stranglehold’s M as they are expecting. Other PAX who are expecting as well. G String’s family as they pursue enrollment at St. Columbkille for their children. 

COT:  Switch to first person… 

We talked about the term 50/50 and the phrase ‘work life balance’. The truth is that it’s never 50/50 and you’re never going to be perfectly balanced. You’ll realize that there are more than two buckets in your life and you’re constantly going to be interchanging the time and effort with each at different levels. It’s more of understanding life harmony. The 50/50 concept plays into work, parenting, marriage, and even best – F3. F3 is an exceptional tool to help us with balancing our categories of life with fitness/health, fellowship/society, and faith/emotions. I proposed a practice to the PAX specific to our relationships, such as our marriages. When we get home, tell your significant other what your level is – “I’m a 20/100… rough day at work, I’m tired, and I miss my grandma.” Your response to this needs to be “OK – I got your 80/100”. THe flip side, maybe one of you comes home feeling great – “I’m a 90/100 – I got this task completed today at work, got raving reviews, got my workout in this morning, and I had a great conversation with my mom on my drive home.” OK – now the other knows that they can lean on the 90, perhaps relax a bit! Life is not always 50/50 and we need to be able to communicate what level we’re at, knowing that a shift in focus and perhaps a little more/less effort in one category in life is necessary. 

G String prayed us out and the PAX enjoyed the onsite coffee provided by the Stranglehold Coffee Truck. 


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