Date: 7/12/2023 AO: Top Rope
: 78 degrees, no breeze, muggy.  During the Smurph I knew we were in for some rough weather

PAX (20)
: Steeple, Slow Clap, Papa Smurf, Long Neck, Rebate, Superfly, Lemu, Back Country, Tea Party, Flat Stick, Boji, Golden Pike, Walk-About, Schnitzel, Water Boy, Vespa, Mrs B, Jay (FNG) – TBone, Barbershop

Q – Speed Bump

Top Rope – F3 Omaha 16th AO – Est July 1, 2020 – Armbar was original SiteQ
F3 – Fitness, Fellowship, and Faith
5 Core Principles – Free of Charge, Open all Men, Always Outside, Led in Rotating Fashion, End in Circle Of Trust
– Leave No Man Behind, and Leave No Man where you found him
Mission – Plant, Grow, Serve Small workout groups for he Invigoration of Male Community Leadership
Any FNG’s…none at start, but one showed up during warm-o-rama – T-Bone is co-worker of mine..WELCOME!
Disclaimer – I am not a professional, all exercises are suggestions, modify as necessary.

Mosey (Parking lot East of Flags) for Warm-a-Rama
20- SSH in cadence 15 Tappy Taps in cadence
Big Ones for 10 Count each side 3x 15 Cherry Pickers in cadence
10 Moroccan Nightclubs in cadence
10 Goofballs in cadence

Mosey to open field West of school (on route for the Murph)
Thang 1 – Line up on cones, Exercise to middle, Sprint to far cone.  Exercise at cones as group. Variation on Suicide

1st High Knees end cone to midfield – Sprint far cone – 25 Air Squats at this cone (Repeat going back to cone we started at)
2nd Side Shuffle end cone to midfield – Sprint far cone – 25 Big Boy Situps at cone on end
3rd Bernie Sanders end cone to midfield – Sprint to cone – 25 Bobby Hurley’s at cone on end 4th Bear Crawl end cone to midfield – Sprint to cone – 25 V-UPS at cone on end 5th Super Mario end cone to midfield – Sprint to cone – 26 Alternating Lunges at cone on end 6th Sprint entire way.  Past midfield and to end cone – 25 Frozen Freddy’s at cone on end

Mosey to front of school for Thang 2

Thang 2 – Grinder w 3 stations.  Numbered off into groups of 3
Station1/Group 1 started at from of school and was Push group (Leg Station)
Did 10 Leg Exercises on sheet and pushed to 2

1st – 10 Air Squats 2nd – 10 Step Ups
3rd – 10 Monkey Humpers
4th – 10 Alternating Lunges
5th – 10 Bobby Hurley’s
6th – Johnny Drama’s

Station2/Group 2 started on North side of school and AMRAP exercises until 1 pushed them
AMRAP (Shoulder Station)
1st – Merkins 2nd – Alternating Shoulder Taps
3rd – Balls to Wall
4th – Raise the Roofs
5th – Cherry Pickers
6th – Over Head Claps

Station3/Group 3 started on South side of school and AMRAP exercises until 2 pushed them
AMRAP (Abs Station)
1st – Flutter Kicks 2nd – LBC’s
3rd – Box Cutters
4th – V-UPS
5th – Gas Pumpers
6th – Heals to Heaven

Omaha was called at 6:02 due to some nasty impending weather.   A scary wind and rain storm barreled in on us from the North/Northwest

Sprinted back to the Flags. 6 MOM – No Mary – we went straight to Name-O-Rama
Announcements -check slack…weather was nasty
Prayer Request -Weather prevented

– Barely started COT and we all ran out of there.  Heading West going home visibility was limited and in my neighborhood tree limbs were down.   I think all got out safely.

Do the Small Things with Love – They Add UP!

  • When started my Journey in F3 (5 short month ago) I had many relationships that needed attention.   I feel I am a particularly self-centered person.  Often taken for granted some of the people closest to me.  Specifically, My M, my 2.0’s – 3 daughters, and many of my family, friends and co-workers.
  • Through PAX of F3 and the relationships I have bounded with the HIGH IMPACT MEN here within F3, I have begun to mend some of those relationships that needed the most attention.  This didn’t happen overnight, but by consistently doing the small things.  Seeing the examples the PAX have set for me, and putting them in place in my life.
  • For M it was coffee brought home after beatdown, flowers just because, doing the laundry and/or dishes without recognition or her asking for help.  A call or text to check on how her day was going.  Small things to show her I was thinking of her.  Little things that often are reminders of my love for her.
  • For my 2.0’s it was being more engaged with what was important to them.  More closely engaging in their sports, hobbies, or person interests.  Taking them for short walk or car rides.  Asking them how they filled their time for the day.  Sometimes short and other times long conversations about Taylor Swift.  Small gestures that reminded them of my love for them.
  • For my family and friends, it was being more intentional with my conversations with them.  Doing more listening.   Asking questions to engage them to be able to hear how they are doing in their lives.   Intentionally trying to focus on them and not on myself (something I was bad about in the past).
  • All these things are very small gestures.  They don’t take much time or money. Many of the things I did were done just once a week.   But adding them all up together has made a big difference for many of the relationships that mean the most to me.
  • What Small thing can you do today to make a difference in a relationship that is special to you?

  I will leave you with a quote by Mother Teresa that I think drives home my message today –
“Not all of us can do great things. But we can do Small Things with great love.”

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