Date: 03/27/23

Location: Stormbreaker

Start Time: 5:30 AM

Temp: 23

PAX: (8) Canadian Bacon, Tenacious D, Crankbait, Beans, Dozer, Razzle Dazzle, Mulch

Q: G String 


At 0512, G String pulled into the parking lot to set up thepain stations. He saw Crankbait enjoying the warmth of his SUV, windows frosted. There might’ve been a good morning wave – the thought was there. Prior to 0530, Canadian Bacon crept up and greeted G String. He said “If I can have a beer with you, I figured I ought to work out with you, too” referring to the previous Friday’s Fairy Nectar post. At 0530, G String welcomed the PAX to Stormbreaker, stating F3 stands for fitness, followship, and faith.  He covered 5 core principles – it’s free, open to all men, always outside, it’s held in a rotating fashion, and it ends in a circle of trust.  He told them that we leave no man behind and no man where we found them.  He asked if there were any FNG’s and there were none. There was a first timer at the Stormbreaker though – welcome Canadian Bacon! Mission Statement to plant, grow, and serve small workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership and that he is not a professional. 


Warm a Rama:

– 10 x Cherry Pickers (IC)

– 10 x Tappy Taps (IC)

– 10 x Big Ones (IC)

– 10 x Side Straddle Hops (IC)

There were four stations with the following exercises.Between stations, the PAX moseyed together for good mumblechatter. 


– Station #1: the roundabout down the hill to the west of the flags.

o 10 Burpees

o 30 Air Squats

o Bear Crawl around roundabout (G String admittedly shouted that he didn’t think the roundabout was as long as it was…)

o 30 Jump Squats

o Crawl Bear around roundabout

o 10 Big Boys

– Station #2: the entrance to the gated neighborhood due west of the roundabout.

o 10 Burpees

o 30 Alt Shoulder Taps IC

o Bernie Sanders into neighborhood – mosey out of neighborhood

o 30 T Merkins

o Bernie Sanders into neighborhood – mosey out of neighborhood

o 10 Big Boys

– Station #3: north parking lot of baseball stadium.

o 5 Burpees (G String said we’d do half the count if they could predict what the exercise was. Tenacious D was on it!)

o 30 Heel Touches

o Side Shuffle down and back in parking lot

o 30 Groiners

o Side Shuffle down and back in parking lot

o 10 Big Boys

– Station #4: picnic tables just to the east of station 4.

o 30 Derkins

o 30 Dips

That completed the stations. G String led the PAX back through the parking lot to the main road near the flags. 

“Omaha” – Canadian Bacon started us out with some Mary, French style. Sarpy Slammers… “Un Deux Trois.One” Razzle Dazzle jumped in and got up to 6 in French. Canadian Bacon was impressed with the PAX who jumped in with the cadence. 

G String wanted to time out some Monkey Humpers for the Titan Alley murphers; however, he left his phone in the truck so it threw off the plan. He requested that the PAX do some core while he went to retrieve it for NoR.Upon returning, Beans was pumping out Monkey Humpers for Farva who strutted by with a big smile. 

Name-o-Rama (see above list of PAX)

FNG’s: None

Announcements:  5 year anniversary beatdown April 22nd at the Oracle (only site open that day). NeighborgoodPantry food drive. 

Prayers/Intentions:   Crankbait and his family. Canadian Bacon’s grandson Harris. PAX’s health. 

COT:  Switch to first person… I explained that I had pulled a phrase from a recent staff meeting that I had called into. It was “WD > WS”. This stands for Well Done is greater than Well Said. The interpretation of this is that your actions speak louder than your words. I encouraged the PAX to take action on their words and stop lying to themselves or others. If you say you’re going to do something – do it. 

G String prayed us out.  


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