Back Blast 3/27 Mission Forge Flag Pass

The Celebration started early, 4:45, with Smurphers and ruckers starting to pull into the lot as early as
4:30. Chippendale lead 15 HIM into the gloom to bang out Pushups, Pullups and a run, while 6 men left
into the neighborhood for a Ruck full of mumble chatter. The topics of those conversations will be kept
confidential, as many of them were not fit to be shared.
At 5:30 on the dot, Escobar began, like all beatdowns begin, reminding everyone where we were, who
we are, and what we do. Disclaimers were stated, and the warmarama began.
Tappy Taps x10
Big ones x 10 IC
SSH x20 IC
Chip took over from there and laid out the beatdown. With such a large group of men, Chip, Kickstand,
Escobar and Yogi had decided to keep it simple. Grind out 3 stations. Basketball court, Shelter and
Southern hill. The soundtrack of the morning, provided by the most famous quartet from Cleveland,
Bone, Thugs N Harmony, got loud and Chip counted everyone off into three groups.
Station 1-Basketball Court-Push Group
Merkins x 15
Carolina Dry Docks x 15
Gas Pumpers x 15
Station 2-Shelter
Dips x 15
Step ups x 15
Derkins x 15
LBC’s x 15
Station 3-Southern Hill
Bottom of Hill
Air Squats x15
Top of Hill
Calf Raises x 15
Bernie Sanders up
Lunge Walk Up

Frog Hop up
Most of the beatdown went well, but at one point, someone forgot about Station 2, and Station 1
pushed Station 3, but while we may have done extra’s in the gloom, the mumble chatter was fierce,
counting was growled out, and shenanigans ensued.
6:00 Omaha
Omaha was called early, to give us a little extra time for the ceremony.
American Hammers x 38-One HIM left after the Smurph, and Lite Brite was manning his Drone.

Announcements- 5 th year anniversary was the main announcement.
Prayers for High Hats M who will be giving birth to their baby on 3/29
Kickstand read the COT, with the subject of it discussed and decided on prior to:
Here at F3, and especially at Mission Forge, we regularly discuss what is leadership, and how do you
properly lead men. A leader has to be humble enough to realize their preferred style needs to be
flexible, and bend to the situation or the man, that you are trying to lead. With some men, you have to
pull, and take a front position and drag them to achieve what you recognize at their potential greatness.
But when a HIM doesn’t respond, we have to drop to the back of the pack, and guide them along from
behind. At Mission Forge, we are proud to be the six. As the new leaders of Mission Forge, we will
humbly serve in that role. We will leave no man behind, but no man where we found them. We are the
Escobar and Yogi then officially passed the flag. Yogi stepped up and discussed what it meant to Himself
and Escobar, and surprised Kick and Chip with a new second flag.
Chippendale lead the prayer as we circled up close and the ceremony ended. Pictures were taken, coffee
was drank, and the tweets were twittered.

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