PAX: Black Tuesday, Low Flow, Farva, Squints, Sweet Sweet, Ray Ban, Korver, Sweet Roll, Levy, Feeny, Fun Diiiip, Animal House, Busser, Simmons, Razzle Dazzle, Schrute

QIC: Stranglehold

Prerurn: Farva, Low Flow, Busser, Schrute, Animal House, Simmons, Razzle Dazzle

17 Pax arrived at the flags, and we reviewed the core principals, mission, credo and disclaimer

We moseyed to the bell tower (not that one) the bell tower in front of St Bernadette for a little warm-o-rama.

  • Sun Gods forward – 10 (IC)
  • Sun Gods reverse – 10 (IC)
  • Squatty Potty 10 (IC)
  • Big Ones – 10 (IC)


  • Motivators… 5 count (thank you Swiper for introducing me to these)


We made our way to the football field. We broke into 4 groups. At each corner of the endzones there was a cone with 3 exercises (upper, core, lower) that went to a 15 count. The workout was intended to have a bearcat theme. We did cougar sprints (sprint from goal line to the 50 yd line, flip your hip and run backwards to the other goal line) bear crawl on the goal line from side line to side line, sprint cougar (run backwards to the 50 yd line, flip your hip and sprint forward to the other goal line), then crawl bear on the goal line from side line to side line. The pax worked from cone to cone counterclockwise. Omaha was called at 5:55 and we moseyed back to the flags for some Mary. We did a little Marge and Homer and completed one round of Sarpy Slammers.


  • April 22nd 5 Year
  • Halfway at THE Catamount


  • Sweet Rolls buddy
  • Busser’s Mother
  • Mortimer Team’s Health

Circle of Trust:

A few weeks ago, I attended the Wild Kingdom for the first time (Sarpy guy doesn’t make it to many DC sites). At coffeeteria Ketchup asked how long I had been in F3 now, I told him February was my one year. He asked how my 1 year anniversary beat down went, I responded with I didn’t have one, his response was “why the heck not?!” So here we are… I used the Catamount as my impromptu anniversary beatdown. I took this time to thank all the HIM that have pushed me through year 1 and especially thank the HIM that pushed me to take that first step in joining F3. Sweet Sweet, Levy, Girl Dad, Baby Shark, Sparty and Nugent. I hate even listing names with the fear of leaving anyone out. That leads me to the next topic and the reason I am posting this backblast a week later. This past weekend I completed the Mortimer 100 Relay in North Carolina with 6 amazing PAX from F3 Omaha. I can tell you this, your guy Stranglehold did not break any records on those hills, but man what an experience! One year ago, I thought prerunning was crazy before a beatdown (the beat down is hard enough without extra running beforehand). I wondered how the hell do people talk when they run and why the hell do you want to wake up 30 minutes earlier to torture yourself? And now, I am flying to the east coast to compete in a 100-mile relay race in the mountains. During the trip/on the runs, I thought a lot about year one. I ran with no music playing. I thought about my first post as a FNG when Firewalker kept “dragging” me up the hill at Home Depot in Papillion (now here were more damn hills). I thought about Nugent. I thought about being sober for almost 4 months now, I thought about many other F3 Omaha PAX back home, especially my boys from Swagtown. For some crazy reason, I was so worried about letting them down. Oddly that’s what pushed me. To me, that’s what makes F3 so awesome. Watching each other grow, not letting our brothers settle and never leaving them behind. The 2nd F is such a powerful thing.  The same weekend of Mortimer, a few Sarpy guys finished their 1st half marathon at the March Halfway House. After watching them grind for the past year (some of them even only 6 months), I was so stoked for my boys! I felt their presence in the hills of North Carolina, I only hope that maybe I assisted them at some point along their journey also. In closing… Year 1 has past… Mortimer has past… on to year two…looking forward to seeing y’all in the gloom!

Aye! Stranglehold

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