Date:  3/28/23 

Weather:  20 deg, light breeze, pitch dark  

12 PAX:   Vandelay (Respect), Barbershop, Kill Switch, Cheap Seats, Pig Pen, Sparty, Hang Ten, Bouncer, Pantyhose, Sgt Pencil (Respect x 2), Slow Clap (Respect), Tball

Q: T-Ball  

This is YHC’s VQ at the Helix and was jacked to swap with Truly, who has helped to craft a beast here.  Needing to do a little site scout in person and get some lights set up, I arrived at 5:00 am sharp to set up and was met by 11 PAX back at the flags.  We began promptly at 5:30 am to hear the F3 Core principles, Mission statement, Motto, and Credo, as well as exercise disclaimer.  There were no FNGs.   

Warm-o-rama:  We completed 10 ATMs, 10 Big Ones, 10 dive bombers, 10 burpees and finished with 10 Tappy Taps to complete the WOR. 

The Thang:  We skipped straight past the Thang to mosey to the basketball courts to perform 1 round of suicides with a partner performing merkins, then switched. This was completed again with the stationary exercise changing to LBCs while the other partner ran another suicide until each person had done 2 rounds before moseying up to the school playground.  The next several stops included 100 exercises at each location before moseying to the next. 

  • School Playground:  Derkins, Dips, Step ups, Pull ups, Air Squats 
  • Flat Grassy Area on top:  Mountain Climbers, Carolina Dry Docks, Flutter Kicks, Jump Squats, LBCs 
  • Bottom Bowl (all exercises 20 yds and sprint back to beginning)-Bear crawl, Walk lunges, Duck Walk, Supermario skips, High knees with partner performing exercise of their choosing until partner returned
  • Hill—Bernie Sanders up hill while partner performed Monkey humpers at the bottom 

We made it through 3-4 rounds of Bernies with lots of heavy breathing and good conversation mixed in until Omaha was called at 6:05 am. 

Prayers/Announcements: F3 5 year convergence 4/22 at Boystown for beatdown (all Saturday sites closed that day, 2nd F Trivia at Local Patio and Pub, 2nd/3rd F opportunities on Slack,  

Prayers out for Sgt Pencil’s friend Scott dealing with health issues, Mulligan’s mother in law, and Tony the Tiger 

Circle of Trust: Lately, I’ve been finding myself leaning into more workouts with my M, I gave up twitter for Lent and have felt withdrawn from my F3 brethren. While it’s been an important move to reconnect with my Concentrica, it can detract from other areas that are an important part of who I’ve become. Balance in life is critical to maintain my sanity, but I shared how much I’ve missed getting daily motivation/inspiration from the HIM of F3. I’ve been very impacted by the men of F3 and realized in my recent absence just how much I can take things for granted, such as the fellowship of other men. I appreciate all the HIM who continue to show up daily and bring their individual traits/humor/talents to the group and for sharing those with all of us. I’ve missed it more than I realized and hope to find that balance to achieve both. 

YHC led us out in prayer. 


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