July 17 2023 / Westside Career Campus AO:

The Octagon Q: Golden Pike, Bloodshot, Ice-T and Hooah PAX: Sweet Roll, Frosty, Honey Maid, Speed Bump, Doll Face, Flanagan, Blackjack, Safe Ride, The Plague, Honey Stinger, Slow Pitch, Wentworth, Oompa, Polaroid, Tater Tot, Khakis, Bubbles, Sputnik, The Big One, Vandelay, Joe Buck, Farva, Folsom, Tin Cup, Roadhouse, Chiclets, Zeebo, Rukspin, Black Flag, TC, Tight Lip, Betamax

Golden Pike announced The Mission Statement, Disclaimer, and Five Core Principles and then handed it off to Bloodshot.


Bloodshot lead us to the back parking lot and into some side-straddle hops, some big ones, some tappy taps, and some goofballs and then handed it to Ice-T.  


Ice-T lead us to the front parking lot and into a “Circle-Merk” the PAX made a circle and then we did a “merkin wave”, so a guy started his merkin when the guy to the right of him was ending his merkin. He then handed it off to Golden Pike.


Golden Pike then lead the PAX to the hill on the east side of the field. He broke the pax up into 5 teams and started a relay race. PAX then go to the top of the hill, touch the fence and hurried back down. Second go around they had to Bernie up the hill. Golden Pike then handed it off to Hooah.

The Thang

Hooah lead us into a three-man grinder at the stairs and hill on the south side of the campus. As one of the members of a team is running back and forth the other members were doing this by the school wall:

Chicken Peckers X 10 IC Air Squats X 20 IC Mountain Climbers X 15 IC Wall Sit x 30 count   The other member of the team was doing these reps down in the circle at the bottom of the stairs: Monkey Humpers X 15 IC AST X 15 IC Apollo Onos X 15 IC Plank x 30 count


Rancid style American hammers


Golden Pike:

For the past year, it’s been an honor and a privilege to be the site Q for the Octagon. It has been a year of many changes and at times it’s been a struggle for me to accelerate as much as I was two years ago. But through all of it, The Octagon has carved a special place in my heart. F3 Omaha has a special place in my heart. It’s a unique group of individuals I find myself excited to see every morning. You are my brothers. And The Octagon has been an anchor for me. It’s been my reason for me to wake up on Monday mornings, even when I didn’t feel like it. YOU ALL have been the reason I wake up at 4AM on Monday mornings.   I remember Ice-T’s words to me to “Leave it better than you found it” and that’s what I strived to do. He also called it “The Most Welcoming AO” and I did my best on that as well. The men who come to Octagon are my brothers and friends. And I hope that I’ve been able to leave them better in my leadership.

Which brings me to Hooah…I am honored to pass the shovel flag to this HIM. I know Hooah will do us proud. He will make The Octagon better. His character has shone through during his past year in F3 Omaha and I have noted him as a man of integrity and grit. I don’t think Octagon could be in better hands. So, it is with humility and love I pass this shovel flag on to Hooah!

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