Stinson Park AO | 68 degrees and dry

PAX: Polaroid, Good Lookin, Rocket, Hipster, Amadeus, Sputnik, No Cry, Uhaul, Snowman, Caruso, Folsom, Doll Face, Sandy Cheeks, Hooah.

Q: Bloodshot

YHC stated the mission of F3, 5 core principles, and disclaimer before a lap around the stage to the obelisk for warmarama.



Sungods c Johnny dramas


Tappy taps

Big ones

Imperial walkers


3 man grinder between benches

East benches: merkins

North benches: big boy sit ups


Walls of Jericho 7 reps, then a lap x 7 sets


Bobby Hurley

Big boy sit ups

Monkey Humpers

Hand release merkins

Johnny dramas

Cherry pickers

Air squats

6MOM (up against the clock so we ended with) Rancid style American Hammers


I’ve always been pretty content. Not difficult to please. Not overly jealous.

I got caught feeling inferior. A little different from a good amount of chippy.

I asked my 6 year old twins to remind me of the difference between a want a need.

Object that you NEED: vegetables; activity you NEED is exercise

Object that you WANT is electronics; activity you WANT is going to a carnival

What I presume I have is TIME, but the time is now. My kids are always a humble reminder of need vs want.


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