3/21/23, Cornhusker Handicap, Stinson Park, F3 Omaha, beautiful morning about 42 Deg

Q: Honey Stinger

PAX: Animal, Stitches, Tater Tot, Slow Pitch, Khakis, Toadstool, Polaroid, Chicletts, Clyclone, Woody, Gunnar, Caruso, Buns of Steel, Smashmouth, Swinger, Good Lookin, BetaMax, Rancid, Frosty, Beebs, BlackJack, Bloodshot, Vandelay, Penny Marshall, Snowman, Rocket, Grease Fire, Bluechip, Hooah

5:30am-greetings, introductions, salutations, core principals, mission statement.

PAX takes off on a southeast bound mosey and ends up circling in front of the cinema for WOR:

WOR: SSHs, Sun gods/calf raises, MTN climbers, goof balls (Toadstool), Imperial Walkers, Tater Taps.

The WOR quickly becomes a fast paced pre pre thang when Stinger launches the PAX into a set up 15 BMWs, Bobby Hurleys, monkey humpers, werkins and then ATMs-10, alternating shoulder taps, tempo merkins, merkins. The PAX immediately rises to their feet and Stinger leads them across the street to the inner rail entrance in front of the steps.

Pre pre thang: Stinger divides the PAX into two groups for operational purposes. The PAX at the bottom is instructed to to do 10 Bobby Hurleys while the other group does box jumps up the wooden portion of the steps, runs up the rest and then does 10 pushups at the top. PAX is then instructed to run down the steps, do 10 bob Hurley then RnR. This fiasco goes on for 6min before Stinger yells “Omaha”. Once everyone is gathered at the bottom of the steps Stingers has his old Rock n Roll brother Stitches lead the PAX in 10 mor Bobby Hurleys the PAX then moseys back to the shovel flag area but seems to figure out all to well that Stinger is headed to the wall!

Pre Thang: “we are all just another brisk in the wall men!!” Yells Stinger at the top of his lungs before he belts out instructions for the PAX to jump over the Stinson concrete wall 5 times, do 10 SSHOPS, jump 5 time and do 10 air squats then Rinse and repeat. Groans and mumble-chatter start early from a PAX who started bouncy but now seems to be less bouncy. At 5:53 Stinger yells Omaha and moves the PAX to the middle of the field to organize a 3 man grinder

The Thang (i guess): divided into 3 the PAX puts one man on the Stinson stage and 2 brothers about 60 yards away at some lighted cones. With a runner in between to relieve the man on stage who is doing this series of exercises AMRAP : Bobby Hurleys, SSH, Squat jumps, Air Squats, LBCs, Apollo ONOS. The man on the other end of the grass is left to do ALT Shld Taps, Cherry Pickers, Carolina DD, Heal Touches, Burpees, Merkins.

6:04am- Stinger yells Omaha and the PAX returns to the shovel flags for some 6MM

6MM: Flutter kicks, heal touches, Pickle pounders, pickle pushes and the PAX ends with a 30 round of American Hammers.

COT: Welcome to F3 Omaha!!! All are welcome here. We extend a special welcome to people who are single, married, divorced, strait, LGBTQ, wealthy, comfortable, or materially poor. We welcome people of all races and cultures, indigenous and non-indigenous folks alike.

We welcome crying newborns, excited toddlers, and teenagers who are growing up too fast! We welcome young adults and the young at heart. We welcome individuals with differing abilities, those of all body types, all genders, and persons with unique conditions.

F3 welcomes soccer dads, football moms, starving artists, tree huggers, latte sippers, craft beer drinkers, vegetarians, and junk food eaters. We welcome those who drive a pickup truck and those who drive a Prius. We welcome those with addictions and those working through recovery. We welcome you if you are down in the dumps and in need of a shoulder to lean on, if you are a traditional Catholic, or if you don’t like organized religion. We’ve got room for everyone.

We welcome you if you are just browsing, just woke up, or just got out of jail. We don’t care if you come every week, if you only come when grandma is in town, if you haven’t been here since little joeys baptism, or have never set foot in a church. We welcome those physically present and those joining online.

We welcome those who are inked, pierced or both. We welcome those who are liberal, conservative, or middle of the road. We offer a special welcome to those who could use a prayer right now, those with full hearts, those who feel empty, those who had religion shoved down their throats as kids, or those who got lost in traffic and wound up here.

We welcome tourists, seekers, doubters, bleeding hearts-and most importantly, we welcome you!!!


Honey Stinger

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