Temp: 26 degrees

PAX: 14 – Gunner, Lansberry, Bovine, Mulligan, Bobsled, Wentworth, Hooah, Hipster, Folsom, Vandelay, Short Circuit, Doll Face, Blackjack

QIC:  Animal

The Opener – Presented the 3 F’s, the mission statement, the five core principles, and the


FNG today – none

Mosey – To the stage at Stinson Park

Warm – A – Rama:

1)           Side Straddle Hops – 20             

2)           Big Ones – slow 10

3)           Sun Gods – 10 forward 10 back

4)           Tappy Taps – 15

Mosey – back to weights at the swings

Led the PAX in 20 curls

Pre-Thang:  Counted off 1 and 2 around the horn to break up into 2 groups

Mosey – Group 1 mosey to the obelisk and Group 2 mosey to the benches

The Thang: 

Group 1 was the push group.  Once they completed the 3 exercises they would rifle carry to Group 2

Group 1:                                          (20 reps for each)

1)           Floor Press                                   

2)           Lunges – alt. legs (w/weights)

3)           Floor Chest Flys

(Rifle Carry to next group)

Group 2:                           (20 reps for each)

1)           Step Ups (with weights)

2)           Curls                                                                            

3)           Shoulder Shrugs                                         

4)           Arnold Press     

5)           Step Ups (with weights)                                           

6)           Dumbell Squat’s                           

7)           Bent Over Row’s                          

8) Deadlifts          

9)           Goblet Squat

We repeated this until it was about 6:13 am – Omaha

Mosey – Back to the swings for post thang

Post-Thang:  LBC’s (20) and American Hammers (around the horn)

Prayers: Mulligan requested prayers for his son

Message from the Q:  On Choices – every day we make choices.  Some are simple and some are complex.  Be cognizant of the choices you make and how they affect your colleagues, friends, family, etc.

Closing Prayer

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