3-17-2023 / Burke High School

AO: Golden Spike

Q: Golden Pike

PAX: Oompa, Q-Tip, Tuner, Slow Clap, Black Flag, Ditty, Invictus, Room Service, Slow Pitch 

Announced: The Mission Statement, Disclaimer, and Five Core Principles.


Ran one circuit around the track. And stopped a quarter way around. Called out a guy to lead a warmarama exercise at each stop.

The Thang

  1. Divided into teams. 
  2. Had each team start at one of the 5 pubs placed 15 yards out from the center and had them bear crawl to the middle.
  3. In the middle, had one of them spin in a circle 7 times. Rest were doing goofballs.
  4. Had them TRY bear crawl to the next station. There were a lot of drunkards.


Admiral Benbow Inn (Treasure Island)

  • 14 Johnny Dramas 

Paddy’s Pub (It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia)

  • 7 High Knees

The Bamboo Lounge (Goodfellas)

  • 14 Merkins

The Hog’s Head (Harry Potter)

  • 14 E2K

Moe’s (The Simpsons)

  • 7 Marge and Homer’s


Ehhhhhh….I don’t remember. It was fun though.


I had my 38th birthday yesterday and my kids had way more fun celebrating my birthday than I did. I could have cared less. But it was just awesome to see the joy on their face and it made me appreciate how the people I love love things.

I think it pays for each of us to stop and just enjoy other people enjoying things. Take the time to do that.

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