AO – Heavy Metal

March 15, 2023

33 degrees; pleasant

Q: Stella

PAX: SpaceBar, Bloodshot, Safe Ridge, Bobsled, Rocket, Hipster Bunson, Predactor, Snowman, Woody, Caruso, Short Circuit, Mulligan, Doll Face, Pig Pen, Folson, Stella.

5:30 AM – YHC weclomed PAX and reviewed Mission Statement and 5 Core Principles.  Disclaimer given. 

For Warm-A-Rama, we took a short mosey over to the state.  We completed some SSF, Tappy Taps, Windmils and Imperial Walkers.  

Pre-Thang:  We continued around the side walk for a few rounds of DDS (Dips, Derkins and Step Ups) at the benches on the East Side.  We completed 2 rounds of 20 reps.  We then headed back to the playground for The Thang.

Thang:  Today’s beatdown was a classic Heavy Metal style from a while back.  We stayed in a large circle and did rounds of the following exercises.   Started with 15 reps, then did 10 for the remainder.  Once we finihsed, we took a short mosey to the Oblesk for a small amount of cardio. 

  • Chest Fly
  • Close grip chest press
  • Deadlifts
  • Curls (each arm)
  • Triceps overhead
  • Kettlebell swing

We did this until Omaha was called around 6:05 AM.  On the final run, we went back to the benches for a some dips and derkins.  We circled up for Mary and completed flutter kicks, scissor kicks, box cutters and American Hammers. The music selection today was a mix of Spotify rock mix and some Jimmy Buffet popped on at the very end. 

Prayer requests mentioned and noted.  Today’s COT was a short reflection on a Heavy Metal from almost 3 years ago.  This was right around the time Omaha “shut down” with Covid.  It was a cold, rainy morning and Folsom, SafeRide, YHC and another PAX posted.  During announcements, it was announced officially that F3 Omaha would pause for a while.  I vividly remember this moment and thinking that one the last “pieces of sanity” at the time was going away.  However, looking around the circle, it is incredible to see that most of the PAX who posted today are new.   March 2020 and beyond was an interesting time, but looking back, lots of close friendships were forged during this period and F3 has ground exponontially.    



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Heavy Metal

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