Wednesday, March 15, 2023|Mount Olympus|Liberty Middle School, Papillion, NE | 34 degrees “Un-erasable”
Q: Ditty
PAX: Tenacious D, Fun Dip, & Ditty
Announced: Welcome (no FNGs,) Mission Statement, Five Core Principles, Disclaimer, and Credo.
Warm-o-Rama: 15 Big Ones IC, 10 Rochettes IC, 10 Johnny Dramas IC, 10 Tappy Taps IC, 10 Torso Twists IC
Carry our coupons to the hill behind the school. Thang: M.E.R.C.Y. High Fives
Increasing reps 1-5 reps done at the bottom and top of the hill. (The exceptions are C-crawls & Yoke Walks.)
M: Manmaker Merkins w/coupon E: Elf on the Shelf
R: Rock-a-bye Babies (in chair position, lift coupon overhead, then out front, then twist side to side)
C: Crawl bear down, bear crawl up (with or without coupon)
Y: Yoke Walk
6MOM: 15 Dying Cockroaches IC , Rancid Style American Hammers IC Name-o-rama:
Announcements: G-String Qing Apex Monday @ Steel Mill, F3 Omaha 5 year convergence on April 22.
Prayers & Praises: Ditty is improving. Thanks for the prayers! Please, pray for teachers, staff, and students in our schools.
COT: We color our lives in permanent markers note erasable pencil. Use your mistakes to draw beautiful pictures. Don’t waste your time trying to erase the marker.
Have a great day, Men!

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