Weather: 26° and a little wind but dry

Pax: Vandelay; Cyclone; Canadian Bacon; TC; Ozark; Mulligan; Wait Time; Khakis; Tin Cup; Q-Tip; Chiclets

Co-Q: Frosty, Gunner

Pax were all in attendance for March’s respect pop-up beatdown.  We got started right at 0530 with the F3 Mission Statement cited by Gunner and quickly handed the greeting message over to Frosty who provided the five core principles. There were no FNGs at this beat down, so Frosty got us moving ASAP out to the foot ball field and set us up with a quick little warmarama.

Warmarama was a session that was a mixed between a Khankis warm-up and a Vandelay stretch session.  We did the old classic one-two warmarama combo of SSH and some Big Ones leg stretching. Frosty is a man-of-action and he got the beatdown moving strong with some stadium stair Pre-thang


One Lap of Up-Over-Down and Back on the stadium Stairs

Exercises between laps

  • 10 Merkins
  • 15 Big Boys
  • 20 Squats
  • 25 Calf Raises

The exercises were stacked. So after the first stadium lap, perform 10 merkins. After the second stadium lap, perform 10 merkins and 15 Big Boys and so on. You understand the cycle.

The Thang –

Gunner took the lead for the Thang at the middle of the football field.  The group worked out together. We performed four different exercise sets with some running in between

Set 1:

  1. 10 ic plank jacks
  2. 10 ic Moroccan night clubs
  3. 10 ic plank jacks
  4. 10 ic Moroccan night clubs
  5. 10 squat kicks

Mosey to End Zone Corner

  • 10 Dying Cockroaches
  • Backpedal across the end zone
  • 10 Merkins

Set 2:

  1. 10 ic yoga toe taps
  2. 10 ic SSH
  3. 10 ic yoga toe taps
  4. 10 ic SSH
  5. 10 ic blades of glory

Mosey to End Zone Corner

  • 10 Dying Cockroaches
  • Backpedal across the end zone
  • 10 Merkins

Set 3:

  5. Frozen Pickle Pushers

Mosey to End Zone Corner

  • 10 Dying Cockroaches
  • Backpedal across the end zone
  • 10 Merkins

Set 4:

  1. 10 ic mountain climbers
  2. 10 Nolan Ryans
  3. 10 ic mountain climbers
  4. 10 Nolan Ryans
  5. 25 air presses

Mary – started at 50 yard line

50 LBCs – bear crawl 10 yards

40 ankle touches – bear crawl 10 yards

30 Freddie Mercuries – bear crawl 10 yards

20 American Hammers – bear crawl 10 yards

10 WWI Sit Ups

Omaha called @ 6:09am


Vandelay report on the NorthStar Foundation Grill out

Heartland Hope volunteer opportunity coming in May

F3 Omaha Five year Anniversary Week in April


Chiclets for a friend diagnosed with cancer

Wait Time for employment

Frosty for a friend that is sick

COT – Frosty provided a spectacular personal story to the group. His COT was extremely impactful, and it was quite an honor to be present to listen to his message. In his half-century of living on this planet he has experienced so much joy and adversity and believes that “old dogs” can learn “new tricks” if they choose to do so. Well said Frosty. Great COT. We lover you brother!

Gunner closed us out in prayer.

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