We did a Murph today.

13 guys showed up. Ponzi was the Q and probably Q’d the Redwing Murph the best it’s ever been Q’d. At least that’s what Honey Badger said. Disclaimer was given superbly at the beginning. The site Q, Stinger, was noticeably late and took the short route to join the group at the start. There are NO shortcuts in life, Stinger! He never made up for that shortened run either…very disappointing.

PAX: Tuna Fish, The Curse, Cyclone, Thor, Honey Badger, Honey Stinger, Sasquash, FDIC, Hard Hat, Truss, Pablo, Wait Time


  • Vala’s this Friday. 200+ people coming from F3!
  • 2.0 Workouts this Saturday at The Oracle & The Pit
  • Continued prayers for our brother Wafflehouse! Go visit him! He needs our support and friendship.


  • Ended with a moment of silence to think of 3 things we were grateful for this morning.
  • Ponzi ended with a prayer and said something weird about a launching pad.



p.s. I can’t believe Stinger made me write a backblast for the Murph. Tater Tot & Khakis would NEVER do that at The District.

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