On Saturday, September 14 there were seven brave souls that decided to take on the Bear Crawl Mucho Chesto Burpee Dan Challenge, whatever that is. There were six other PAX at The Pit putting themselves through week two of the IronPAX Challenge so if I do my math right we were in double digits. It was a smoky mugfest out there and felt more like mid-July. It was a little different start to a typical Tater Tot welcome as we asked the PAX to get back in their cars and drive to warm-a-rama. WTF?! Surprised no one took advantage of the opportunity to just head back to bed… And we were off!

PAX: Tender Foot, Gipper, Fire Walker, Wentworth, Sourdough, Well Done (FNG – Hate!) and Tater Tot.

Warm-a-runna: – Once we arrived at the football field track, we split from the IronPAX and did a two lap mosey discussing the recent history of a full moon on Friday the 13th and then next date. 2000 and 2049. No one seemed intrigued by Tater Tot’s useless knowlege. We met at midfield wet shoes and all from the fresh dew and did an extended warm-a-rama.

Side Straddle Hops 25 IC
Tappy Taps 10 IC
Side to Side 10 IC
Copperhead squats 25 IC
Superman Cherry Pickers 25 IC
Pickle Pushers 25 IC
Plank Jacks 25 IC
LBC’s 25 IC
Bobby Hurley’s 25
Smurph Jacks 25IC

(Jog from 50 yard line to goal back to mid field at 70%)

Pre Thang Thang (Bear Crawl Mucho Chesto) – There were six cones set up in a circle(ish) about the size of midcourt logo and the PAX each started at a cone. Although we had seven guys so there was one a little off. Tater Tot asked the PAX to bear crawl around the circle and upon each lap they completed a round of the mucho chesto. The first PAX member would do a called out style of 20 merkin’s while everyone else held in plank and then move to the next guy to complete the merkins moving to the last guy. The PAX would then bear crawl a full circle and rinse and repeat. This turn quickly before stopping the pre thang an exercise one round too soon…

Bear Crawl around circle
Merkin X20
Bear Crawl around circle
Werkin X20
Bear Crawl around circle
Diamond Merkins X20
Bear Crawl around circle
Hand Release Merkins X20
Military X20

(Jog from mid field to goal line back to other goal line 61%)

The Thang (Burpee Dan) – The look on Fire Walker’s face when Tater Tot explained the The Thang said it all. As if I truly disappointed him or at that moment he would have rather been lifting cinder blocks above his head… PAX were asked to start on the goal line and do 10 yards of lunges followed by one burpee on the 10, repeat to 20 yard line and do 2 burpees and continue for 100 yards for a total of 55 burpees and asked to return starting at 10 burpees working backwards. Omaha was called at 7:50am

Lunge 10 yards
1 Burpee
Lunge 10 yards
2 Burpee
Lunge 10 yards
3 Burpee
Lunge 10 yards
4 Burpee
All the way to 10 Burpees and then back the other direction counting down from 10 burpees

LBC’s 25IC
Cindy Crawford 10 each side
E2K (Ear to Knee) 25 IC
Tempo American Hammer by Fire Walker 25 IC

Prayers and Announcements:
2 Club Conundrum September 14
Friday at Vala’s September 20
2.0 workout September 21
Tater Tot gave a few more extra moments of silence to allow PAX the opportunity to offer prayers and addressed the thought that there might be someone standing next to you that is either in pain for a loved one or in pain themselves. Just a simple pause to allow yourself to listen a little harder or speak a little softer or maybe just a touch on the arm and letting someone know they are there for them can change a person’s day, week or even life. Following COT the PAX hustled over to join the men completing the challenge and ran the final lap offering words of encouragement. What we found was the six offered the rest of the PAX the encouragement. Man, how lucky are we to have F3 and our brothers…..
Thank you for allowing me to lead these men!
Aye! – Tater Tot

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