9/13/19, 5:30am, 64 Deg AO: Golden Spike
Q: Honey Stinger
PAX: Wait Time, Honey Badger, Lowman, Big One, Room Service, Khakis, The Plague, Tin Cup, FDIC, Bubbles, Hard Hat, Placebo, McConaughey, Mufasa, Squidword, Blue Suede, Roll Bar, Brazillian, Ascott, The Curse, Dufrain, Pablo, Stretch, Safe Ride, No Doze, Crocks, Safe Ride, Slow Pitch
The PAX did a solid mosey around the track to meet at center field for Warm o Rama. Expectations were set early that Q Stinger planned on a fast paced and very sexy performance today out of the PAX
SSH-15IC, Hill Billys-15IC, Sun Gods 10IC, Copperhead Squats, 15IC, MT Climbers, 15IC, Pickle Pushers, 12IC, Jump Tucks-10
Pre Pre Thang the HIM of F3 Omaha immediately launch into a fast paced set of ATMs. No rest between sets
Alternating shoulder taps-3×8 Tempo Merkins-3×8 Merkins-3×8
Pre Thang after the ATMs were finished the PAX launched into a set of BMWs. No rest between sets Bobby Hurleys 3×15
Monkey Humpers 3x15IC
Pre Thang after the last set of werkins Stinger reminded the PAX that the 18 year anniversary of 9/11 had been two days before. 2997 people had been killed in the attacks and out of those 412 had been first responders. Those first responders ran into the building when everyone was running out. The PAX was instructed to divide into two groups and run the stairs at Burke stadium for 4 minutes and 12 seconds.
The Thang. After completing the 4:12 stair run the PAX gathered at center field to count off in 3s. Stinger had 3 stations set up Bermuda Triangle style. PAX were instructed to start at the cone that matched their number. Exercises were listed at each come and the PAX was told to do the exercise on
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the list and then move on to the next station with their group. The following exercises were listed at the stations.
Station 1
Carolina Drydocks 20
Monkey Humpers 15 IC
Air Squats 30
Merkins 20
Station 2
Calf Raises 30
Cherry Pickers 20IC
Flutter Kicks 15 IC
Alt Shld Taps 15IC
Pickle pushers 15IC
Station 3
Jump Tucks 12
Turkish Get ups 10
Gas Pumpers-15IC
Diamond Merkins-15
Mountain Climber 15IC
6:07am-Omaha was called and PAX returned to mid field for 6MOM
Gas Pumpers-12IC
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Box Cutters-15IC American hammer-40IC
Count O Rama, Name O Rama, announcements
Two Club conundrum, Brothers Tandem Show, Valas family night ext COT
Honey Stinger based his COT around 3 points
• Fellowship is extremely important, never underestimate the power of sharing a cup of coffee with someone
• Stinger is extremely honored and humbled to lead a PAX full of so many HIMs
• Be present in life. Clear your schedule, put down your devices and give people your full heart
and attention. If you wanted to hear more you should have been there😊
Burritos and coffee were enjoyed in the parking lot by the PAX. Until next time. SYITG Aye!!
H.S Stinger
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