August 21, 2019|Paradise Bakery, Regency | AO – Paradise Island | 78° & Rainy

PAX:  Bubbles, Gunner, FDIC, Mufasa, Blue Suede, Blue Chip, Chiclets, Slow Pitch, Kerrigan, Brady Bunch, Crocs, Khakis (R), The Plague

Q: The Plague

Welcomed 13 PAX to a sticky, rainy morning at Paradise Island. Explained the mission of F3 and reminded PAX that The Plague is not a professional so they need to be safe and modify exercises as needed.


PAX moseyed to the Beach Club for warm-a-rama

  • Seal Claps 20 IC
  • Sun Gods 20 IC (10 each direction)
  • Break Dancers 20 IC
  • Apolo Ohno – speed skaters 12 IC

PAX moseyed around the cove for a beatdown, stopping along the way to perform moves:

Stop 1 – 20 Lateral jump burpees, mosey

Stop 2 – 20 Bottom burpees, mosey

Stop 3 – 20 Hand Release burpees, mosey

Stop 4 – 20 Box Jump burpees, mosey back to shovel flags for Mary


  • Peter Parkers 15 IC
  • Parker Peters 15 IC
  • Chillcutt Mountain Climbers 15 IC
  • American Hammers 20IC

Circle of Trust:

  • The Plague shared from Steven Furtick’s sermon on “Get back in the Gate”
    • Life is not just the event but our ability to process the event on the correct level
    • Be thankful for those people that tell you what you don’t want to hear – they’re the ones that really love you
    • The outer gate is what everyone sees. We all have one of these – it is our personality that we project onto the world – so people do not judge us – so that we appear successful.
    • Then there is the inner gate – the second line of defense. We have one of those too. It is our actions.
    • The action happens between the gates. In our case between our ears.
    • David is in isolation above the gate – like how some of us live our lives – watching events unfold but not taking responsibility for outcomes – where we live on-line in an ecosystems of pretention and narcissism – and opinions and do not really make a commitment to make a difference in the world – where we engage in things that are complacent to our ego but never confront the issues that sabotage our souls.
    • But now, if you take your seat, God has prepared a place for you – in the presence of your enemies – where he might not rid of your problems – but will give you the gift of his presence.
      • I am back. And I am broken. And I am better because I was broken.
      • We learned how to fight the battle between the gates.
      • We are going to get our gates back.
      • We have been flooded with too many images and points of view that do not promote peace in our lives. We practice the habits of worry and living in the state of anxiety.
      • A place of power is when you take your seat in the gates. This is the place of responsibility and owning your story. This is the place of dealing with your dysfunction – and not from a distance.
  • TAPS
    • Prayers for PAX

Coffeteria/3rdF discussion about EXHORTATION (Q3.7)

  • EXHORTATION – Incentivizing the breach of obstacles
    • Galatians 6:9 – “Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up”
    • Socratic
      • Is there a difference between Exhortation and encouragement?
      • What exactly are we afraid of?
      • Can a man Exhort the breach of something he himself has never experienced?
    • Spur
      • Exhortation is encouragement on steroids.
      • Fear of pain and chaos is a powerful obstacle
      • Empathy and correction are both necessary elements of exhortation.


The Plague

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