8/20/2019-Cornhusker Handicap AO-Aksarben Village

PAX: Ponzi, Huffy, Blue Suede, No Doze, Selleck, Chiclets (Respect!), Swinger, Polaroid, Tin Cup, Clorox (Hate!), Lucky Charms, Rev, Jean Claude, Khakis (Respect), Spackler (Hate!), Wise Guy, Bloodshot, Folsom, T-Bird, The Plague, Pack Rat (Welcome!), Smashmouth, OMT, Truss, Arm Bar, Stella, Safe Ride, Tube Socks, Saul, Toad Stool, Crawl, Honey Stinger, TC (Respcet!)

Q: Brazilian

Weather: 74, HUMID

Brazilian dispensed with the formalities and welcomed Pack Rat.

PAX moseyed around the park to the obelisk for Warm-o-rama.  



Tap E taps

Hill Billies

Sun Gods

Cherry Pickers

Monkey Humpers

Tempo Merkins


Honey Stingers

5 Merkins, jump the wall, 5 big boys

40 reps total, plank at the shovel flag when complete


PAX numbered off in 1s and 2s,. 1s performed exercise as a group while 2s ran around the path to the stage, performed 5 burpees OYO and ran back as a group.

Mid-Field exercises:

Mountain Climbers




Imperial Walkers


Brazilian called Omaha at 6:04 Moseyed to top floor of winter quarter for Mary.


Reverse crunches

Low Dolly

Box Cutters – Wise Guy


Hammers – No Doze (This was a mistake, Brazilian will not be calling on No Doze to administer Hammers in the future.)


“What’s your purpose? Think about a time in the past week when you fulfilled that purpose. Think about the feeling you had in the moment when you realized you had fulfilled it. Think about the feeling it gives you now to look back and know that you fulfilled your purpose in that moment. That’s your goal for the day, go out and recreate that feeling by focusing your energy on that fulfillment.” – Brazilian

Closed in prayer.


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