The Oracle-Boystown-Omaha NE-7/14/19-7am

Q-Honey Stinger

PAX-Trademark, Borland, Armbar, Lemon Law, CSI, Sasquatch, Slapstick, Tater Tot, Jean-Claude, Tuna Fish, The Worm, Slow Pitch, Crab Cakes, Othello, Gipper, Lucille, Papa Bear (FNG)!,

Honey Stinger and co Q Lowman made introductions, gave disclaimer and read off the important 5 core principles of the F3 Nation workout. Lowman informed PAX that Honey Stinger is a “semi professional” but he was being nice and trying to bump his confidence and ego. Honey Stinger is no professional, not even close.

PAX was divided into 2 groups. Stinger took group 1 while Lowman took group 2.

Group 1 moseys to parking lot nearby

Warm O’Rama

Sun Goods-10IC/each direction
Sting Rippers-12IC
High Knees-15IC
Mountain Climbers-15IC
Pickle Pushers-15IC (look into my eyes!)
Jump Tucks-10

PAX stayed in circular formation for Pre Pre Pre Thang

3 sets of 7 of alternating shoulder taps, followed by tempo merkins, then regular merkins. No rest between sets and PAX was expected to stay in a plank position

3 sets of 15 of Bobbie Hurleys, monkey humpers, werkins. At this point mumble chatter has started from burning arms and lungs

Cone aerobic run. 4 cones were placed in a square about 30 yards apart. PAX was instructed to run to first cone, shuffle to second, back peddle to 3rd and karaoke home to 4th. Two rounds were completed, plank to the 6.

PAX moseyed to the rock wall by the practice field for 3 rounds of alternating step ups-12IC, Dips-15 and jump ups-10

PAX was then instructed to partner up in the end zone for some field drill fun.

100yd Bear crawl/plank jack-10 plank jacks, run to replace partner bear crawling-SSH to 6
30yd-partner wheel barrel carry. 10 burpees
50yd-partner push
50yd-partner pull
Skeleton run-10yd,20yd,30yd,40yd

Bermuda Triangle

PAX was divided into 3 groups and sent to their assigned station were a list of exercises and coupons were laid out. PAX was instructed to perform the first 2 exercises on the list and then push the next group to the next station.

Station 1

Air squats-30, Jump Tucks-12, calf raises-30, Alt lunges-10/leg, Monkey humpers-15IC, Carolina Drydocks-20, Pickle pushers-10IC

Station 2

LBCs-20IC, Flutter Kicks-15IC, Freddy Mercurys-15IC, Plank-45sec, Superman-30 sec, Reverse crunch-20, Dying Cockroach-15IC

Station 3

A mix of 35lb and 45lb coupons. Hammer curls-15, overhead press-15, bent over rows-20, coupon merkin-20, tricep extensions-15, big boy sit ups-15, goblet squats-15

Omaha was called at 7:48 and the PAX moseyed back to shovel flag area for 6 min of Mary.

Big Boys-10, Marge and Homers, Q Honey Stinger took the PAX home with 20 American Hammers IC.

Count O Rama-18
Name O Rama-welcome Matt Milnar/Papa Bear

Announcements and Prayers

The Pit July 20th, baby Lemon Wedge, baby Bubbles, baby OMT, Mama Stinger,

COT-Stinger stressed to the group the importance of being “Present” in your relationships, with your families, Ms and 2.0s. So many opportunities to have impact are missed due to us not being present in the situation. Usually, we are distracted by technology or the need for an outside distraction that is neither important or substantive. The Name O Rama on Twitter is awesome, but watching in during a conversation with your M is not. PAX, put the phones down once in awhile. Don’t be the guy that goes out to lunch with a friend and is on their phone the entire time. You reap what you sow.



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