On a moist (yup) Friday, July 12 morning, 18 PAX plus one pre-run (Saul) made their way through the BurkeField construction zone and stepped into the Temple of Doom.  Tater Tot was very appreciate of Gunner, CSI and Khakis setup help otherwise we might not have started until noon…..Tater Tot a short intro and told the PAX to let go of whatever might be weighing heavily on their minds and ask everyone to scream into the palm of their hand to release any negative energy.  It was weird.  We made a quick mosey to the goal line and prepared for a game of shuffle catch…


PAX: Dufresne (Hate!), Gunner, TC (Respect!) Tonight Show, Ethanol, Squidward, Khakis (Respect!), room Service, Tri-Delt, Wait Time, Lowman, Stretch, CSI, Honey Badger, Vandelay, Placebo, Tater Tot, Saul (No respect 36,37,36?..)


Shuffle Mosey

PAX lined up at two cones across from one another and did 100 yard shuffles to the north while passing three medicine balls back and forth between the group..  It was instructed that if the PAX dropped the ball to continue their shuffle but we would keep a running total (7 drops were totaled the first attempt).  There was a second shuffle to the south and the learning curve was improved.  TC not only handed the ball off he also made a spectacular diving catch that knocked off two from the total number of drops which was nine.  Tater Tot offered 7 hand-release merkins before a the mosey to Warm a Rama.




Side Straddle Hop

Sumo Hold Cherry Pickers

Side to Side Stretch

Hairy Rocketts

Alternating Knee Taps



The Pre-Thang (Indiana Jones) – Tater Tot told a short story of a solo post in Indianapolis and what he came up with all while listening the credits song from Raiders of the Lost Arc.  It only made sense at the time to name it the Indiana Jones because it “whips” you into shape.  Tater Tot may be the only one that can make this connection….  10 Burpees total – add a merkineach time you go down during the burpee totaling 55 merkins. Mumble chatter was not nearly at the level that Tater Tot had hoped for so perhaps 15 is the magical number next time.  PS.  Harrison Ford’s birthday is July 13 and had no idea prior.  Tater Tot is just that savvy….    



The Thang (Temple of Doom)  PAX quickly were counted off into four groups, found their corresponding cones and got after it.  The coupon carry was the push but the music play list stole the show.  If you are interested in having this special sequence of songs Tater Tot will gladly share…  The conversation and mumble chatter was heavy (in one group) on what drives the song in a movie.  Is the song made for the movie or did the movie choose the song to use?  Additionally, movies can change the way you listen and think of a song either before or after you watch the movie.  Crazy!…. 


Station 1) LBC’s, Flutter Kicks, Big Boy Sit-ups


Station 2) Monkey Humpers, Smurf Jacks, Jump Tucks 


Station 3) Air Squats, Hand Release Merkins, Calf Raises   


Station 4) Run to the goaline and back with a coupon (This cone was moved back after it was determined it was too close…)


This was done until Omaha was called.


Mary  We did the 100’s which was brought to Omaha by our good friend Liverpool.  A PAX member counts to ten, all of the PAX count the 10, 20, 30… until 100 is reached.  


1) LBC’s
2) Chill Cut Hold
3) American Hammer



Announcements and Prayers– July 20 start of the Pit, Keep in touch with the PAX that haven’t posted in some time, Polaroid and his knee, Fiddler’s family, 


Shift your Paradigm/Get to know your neighbor – Tater told a personal story of his selfishness not treating his neighbor as his self.  After six months of assumptions he finally decided to put away frustrations or stereotypes and go talk to the neighbor.  After a 30 minute conversation it was clear that Tater Tot had been missing out on a greater message and more importantly friend for that last six months.  Tim, (Neighbor) mentioned they moved to the neighborhood  to be closer to his health care hospital as he was given about 6-8 months to live with his current state of cancer.  Since this conversation Tater Tot makes sure to everyday say hi to at least one member of Tim’s family if he isn’t outside or to talk with Tim while he is enjoying a cigarette.  The message delivered was to fight through those selfish and stereotypical thoughts and make the effort to find our your own truth by getting off your butt and have a conversation.  Do something that makes you uncomfortable.  Love your neighbor.  Be selfless.  


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