Tuesday, July 16, 2019 | Wild Kingdom AO | Lake Zorinsky | 72 degrees and raining
PAX: Roll Bar, Lemon Law, LeDoux, CSI, FDIC, Slow Roast, Crab Cakes, Hard Hat, Ric Flair, Wait Time, Stretch and Tonight Show.
QICs: Stretch & Wait Time
Pre-Runners: Tonight Show, Hard Hat, Stretch and Wait Time

Stretch & YHC (Your Humble Correspondent) welcomed the PAX, and said “thank you” for choosing to take the #DRP. After sharing the F3 Mission Statement and Disclaimer, YHC acknowledged that we are not going to be the PAX friend for the next 45 minutes.

PAX moseyed for Warm-A-Rama

Stretch led the PAX in some warm-up exercises, which combined old favorites with some new warm-ups that may need added to the F3NATION Exicon.
Windmill x 20 IC | String Rippers x 15 IC | Ladder Jacks (SSH x 10 IC, Seal Jacks x 10 IC, Smurf Jack x 10 IC, Plank Jack x 10 IC | Sun Gods x 10 IC | Tug O’ War x 10 IC (elbows shoulder height with hands interlocked by chest. Pull hands apart as hard as you can while using a swimming motion forward x 10 and reverse x 10) | Push for Peace x 10 IC (Prayer position – elbows at shoulder height and out at 45 degree angle and even with shoulder height. Rotate forearm/hands into chest, up and out – elbows do not move. Switch to fingertips IC x 10. Push in palms/fingertips as hard as you can thought exercise.)

PAX moseyed to parking lot near soccer field and divided into teams of four. Wait Time led the PAX to three stations that were placed in a triangle. Station 1 was in the parking lot and included COUPONS. Station 2 was located directly up the hill on the path crossing the dam. Station 3 was at the bottom of the hill where the path originates. Each team of four completed the designated exercise at the station and the fourth member was the runner who pushed the group to the next station. The runner moved from one station to the next. All exercises required 20 reps.

Cusack squats | Curls | Kettlebag swings | Lunge with Twist |Dead Lifts | Uneven Merkins

STATION 2: CORE (20 reps):
Dying Cockroach | Big Boy Situps | Box Cutters | Pickle Pushers |Heels to Heaven | E2K – Elbow to Knee (10 each knee)

Burpees | Crab Cakes | Shoulder Taps | Mountain Climbers | Jump Tucks | Wojo Squats

Stretch and YHC led the PAX back to the shovel flag and completed a soggy CAPTAIN THOR (BB SIT 1: American Hammer 4). PAX completed 4:16.

Prayer Requests:
FDIC’s M. FDIC requested prayers for his wife who is suffering from chronic migraines.
Wait Time’s Mother-in-law and M’s family. Wait Time’s mother-in-law learned yesterday that she must undergo radiation therapy for her small cell lung cancer. Her spirit is very high, but continued prayers are needed.

Children’s Square: Lemon Law announced our desire to support Children’s Square. This effort supports kids in foster care and living at Children’s Square in Council Bluffs. PAX are encouraged to bring donation items to workouts throughout the remainder of July. Items needed: Outdoor toys (Sidewalk chalk, Sports balls, frisbees, bike helmets), School Supplies, Art Supplies, Hygiene Products, Flip Flops, Duffel bags and luggage.
The #1 need is volunteers. Folsom is coordinating an effort for PAX to volunteer at Children’s Square, which is simply an effort to play with the kids.

COT: YHC distributed pill bottles to the PAX with a “daily red pill.” In this case, the daily red pill was a cinnamon jelly bean that serves as a reminder that we have a choice to make in taking the daily red pill or the blue pill. If PAX take the daily red pill each night before they go to bed, they will rise up in the morning and conquer the gloom. The blue pill leads us to surrendering a life that is driven by circumstance, while the red pill helps the man accelerate in life and “get right.” So many of the PAX have been accelerating in life over the past several months. The pill bottles are intended to be visual reminders that each day we have a choice to make – the red pill or the blue pill.

Stretch closed out the workout with a prayer. Afterwards, Lemon Law led the PAX in a discussion around setting a PERSONAL PLAN TO GET RIGHT. Download the worksheet and listen to the podcast on this quarterly plan here: https://f3omaha.com/2019/01/23/get-right-in-2019-create-a-plan-in-16-minutes/
PAX were encouraged to maintain this personal plan and update on a quarterly basis.

On behalf of Stretch, it was an honor to lead the PAX.

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