7/13/19 BOYSTOWN AO – The Oracle

PAX:  Placebo, Dufresne, Reba, Safe Ride, Ponzi, Plague, Vandelay, FDIC, Tonight Show, Excitebike (RESPECT), Wait Time, Gunner, Big One, Room Service, Coach K, Countdown, Khakis (RESPECT)

Actual Footage from the Game

Q: Lowman

Honey Stinger and YHC welcomed all PAX to the humid gloom at 7am, following a fun ultimate frisbee game that saw tears of joy and tears of pain, oh and tears from Ponzi after being savagely leveled by Crab Cakes. While both teams will claim their own victory, in the end, the good guys won. 

After giving the disclaimer and core principles, Stinger and YHC split the group evenly in two and moseyed off to their respective warm-a-rama areas. 17 went with YHC.


The PAX moseyed down the main road to the van parking lot for Warma-a-rama:

SSH 20 IC → Sun Gods 10/10 IC → Cherry Pickers 20 IC → Chinooks 10/10 IC →  Copperhead Squats 15 IC → Imperial Walkers 15 IC → Bobby Hurleys 15 → Jump Tucks 10 on up


The PAX then moseyed southwest around the football stadium and came to rest on the grassy knoll for a quick Steinl.

PLANK 30-Ct | Chilcutt 30-Ct |Merkins x 10 | Amazing Spiderman (Right Leg) x 10 IC | Merkins x 10 | PLANK 30-Ct | Chilcutt 30-Ct |Merkins x 10 | Amazing Spiderman (Left Leg) x 10 IC | Merkins x 10


The now-reduced to 18 PAX, including both FNGs, moseyed to the Farmer’s Market for a quick Pre-Thang of ATMs. YHC has just experienced ATM’s in the gloom of the previous morning as led by Selleck, but failed to remember that is was properly counted in groups of 7 (Alternating Shoulder Taps, Tempo Merkins, [Quicky] Merkins), and instead beat the PAX down with 20 of each. 

Selleck offered quick, corrective feedback, but only after the damage was done. 

The Thang

YHC was not sure what to call this Thang, so we’ll just go with “It Who Shall Not Be Named” for the purposes of this backblast. The basis of the Thang was a two-man grinder, with partners splitting 100 reps of the following exercises: Merkins, Air Squats, Dips, LBCs, and Burpees, while the other partner shuffled 40 yards (20 left foot in the lead, 20 right foot in the lead) and then completed one of four agility ladder exercises before sprinting back.

  • Hop 2 squares forward, 1 square back
  • 2 Foot Lateral Hop
  • Side Straddle Hop
  • McTwist

The catch, and probably where YHC went too far, was that before moving on to the next primary exercise, both partners had to do 10 burpees together… if you do some fuzzy math, that’s about 90 total burpees on the day…whoops?

Mosey to the Shovel for Mary

After the burpee madness ceased, the PAX moseyed back the long way around the football field for a cooldown jog, before dropping to their sixes at the Shovel Flags for Mary. 

Excitebike (RESPECT) expertly kicked us off with 20 IC Americn Hammers, followed by LBCs 20 IC → Freddy Mercury 15 IC → Baby Flutter Kicks 15 IC → Big Boy Sit ups 15 IC

Announcements & Prayers:

  • The Pit opening 7/20 in Papillion at Hallek Park – more info here and spread the word!
  • TAPS for Polaroid who is recovering from a knee scoping procedure

Circle of Trust:

  • On the eve of his one-year anniversary with F3, YHC thanked those who had EH’d him last year, and T-CLAPPED all of those who had become wonderful friends – supporting YHC through tough times, and also allowing YHC to be a leader, sering the finest HIM he knows.
  • Major T-CLAPS to Vandelay and Pablo who joined on the same morning as YHC!



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