1 Year Anniversary Q
Date: 5/17/23
Location – Mt. Olympus
PAX: Chernobyl, Dozer, Beans, Pork Chop, Uncle Jessie, Tenacious D, Cop a Squat, Fun Dip, G String (snap), Bobsled, Mulch, ICB, FNG (Mr. Ed!!), Truck Stop, Double Dip and of course Amadeus (rock me)
FNGs: ICB brought another FNG – Mr. Ed – WELCOME!!!!
Pre-Ruck Merkins: Tenacious D and G String
Pre-Run: Lots of pre runners… Q failed to get names
AO: Mt. Olympus
Q: Amadeus
At 5:30 YHC welcomed the PAX to Mt. Olympus – the site of my VQ – and a perfect place to celebrate 1 year with F3! After struggling to read a paper with the information on it in previous Q’s I let the PAX know it was time to do it without. I flew through the 5 core principles – Free, Open to all Men, Always Outside, Led in a Rotating Fashion and Ending in a COT (nailed it). Then of course I went off the rails – Apparently I don’t know the difference between a Mission Statement and a Credo – but we got them all out. Reminded PAX of my non professional status and let them know to modify as necessary.
At this time I let them know I was going to recreate one of the hardest beatdowns I did in F3 and suggested we Mosey to the grass on the other side of the parking lot…

Who needs a Warm-a-Rama when you have Blocks… we don’t need a warm a rama…

20 Thrusters
20 Merkins
Bear Crawl Across the Field
3 Burpees
Broad Jump Back and every 5 Broad Jumps do 3 more Burpees – After 2 times through G. String decided extra burpees were unnecessary and Broad Jumped the entire length in the 5 burpees.
Repeat until OMAHA!
A few unique things happened during the BD. All PAX experienced moments of full exhaustion (win!), Bobsled who is currently on IR lifted from his chair and did some merkins and a few other exercises. Our FNG ran off… I was worried we lost him… But ICB let me know he just needed to take care of some business in the blue plastic building in the construction yard (porta potty)
16 Sarpy Slammers starting with Chernobyl to get the looooooooooong wait out of the way first!
Name O Rama:
Announcements: Brick Builder SIGN UP! It is on June 3rd
Prayers: No prayers said but prayers for Graduates and Prayers unsaid were mentioned during prayer
To start my COT I let the PAX know that it was strange I hadn’t fully prepared this. I knew what I wanted to talk about but didn’t know how to say it. All my previous Q’s I had had my COT fully prepared. But at the end of the day I wanted to talk about Change. Specifically the change that F3 has inspired in me. I talked about my start and F3 journey and how each PAX helped me change, become more accountable and see things in a new light. I thanked the PAX for their support. Then I mentioned my shirt… you see the shirt I was wearing I hadn’t worn for 4 years… not for any reason other than it didn’t fit… well it fits now… thanks to one of those changes!

Amadeus out… (rock me!)

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